Saeed Ajmal says ICC saved Ravi Ashwin from BAN


Cricket news coming in from Pakistan as their former spinner Saeed Ajmal comments about his BAN and how BCCI saved Ashwin from possible BAN.

The rules of cricket have updated itself with time as technology upgraded and ICC made their scrutiny tight. Several cricketers faced the wrath of ICC when they did something against their rule.

ICC even banned Zimbabwe for involving their government in their cricket association.

With regular updates in their rule book, ICC brought in several points regarding the bowling actions of the spin bowlers. Famous West Indies bowler Sunil Narine faced several bans from ICC regarding his bowling actions.   

One of the other victims of such rule is Pakistan bowler Saeed Ajmal.

Saeed Ajmal and his history of BAN

The Pakistani cricketer started his International career in 2008 with his debut against India. Ajmal played his last ODI in 2015 against Bangladesh.  

He made his Test cricket debut against Sri Lanka in 2009. He played his last Test match in 2-14 against Sri Lanka.

The stats prove that he certainly had a tough time dealing with several criticisms and played a very short career of 6 years.

Saeed Ajmal first faced an allegation regarding his bowling action in 2009. Although the allegations were cleared soon after the incident came up on news. He went on to 178 Test wickets from 35 matches and 184 wickets from 113 ODIs.

The ICC imposed a strict ban on Saeed Ajmal on 9th September 2014. In an official statement from ICC, they claimed that all his deliveries exceeded the tolerance of 15 degrees allowed for such spin bowling.

Saeed Ajmal says Ravichandran Ashwin got away with possible BAN

While speaking about his Ban, Saeed Ajmal says that ICC doesn’t really care before banning any Pakistani cricketer.

Saeed Ajmal also alleged how ICC has favoured Indian cricketers over time. He says that BCCI kept Ravichandran Ashwin away from International cricket for few months to save him from a possible ban from ICC.

The famous “doosra” of Ashwin had a possible error in his bowling action. And to rectify his actions, BCCI kept him down for few months to make him rectify the action before any official confirmation from ICC.

While talking about this, Saeed Ajmal also alleged that the LBW decision against Sachin Tendulkar in ICC World Cup 2011 Semi-Final. He claims that ICC doctored the review to save Sachin from getting out.

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