How to Fix It When Your S Pen Is Not Working?

s pen not connecting

With the increasing sophistication of Samsung Galaxy Note models, there are increasing problems with the S Pen, a unique pen that is built into the smartphone. The S Pen can be brittle and prone to breaking. These are some typical difficulties that S Pens on Galaxy Note phones could run into, along with solutions.

These troubleshooting guidelines are applicable to the Samsung Galaxy Note 10, 9, 8, and previous Note models’ S Pen.

Causes of Samsung Galaxy Note S Pen Malfunctions

The S Pen’s malfunction might be caused by a multitude of factors. Screen protectors from unapproved sources or defective cases, for instance, may interfere with the stylus’s functionality. Accessories made outside of Samsung’s quality requirements occasionally don’t function as intended.

It’s also conceivable that the stylus tip of the S Pen is worn out due to age. When the S Pen is used repeatedly, this occurs. Additionally, system problems can occasionally compromise the use of the S Pen on Galaxy Note smartphones.

How to Fix a Galaxy Note S Pen That’s Not Working

Try each of these troubleshooting procedures in the order they are listed if your S Pen isn’t operating correctly until it does.

Restart the gadget. Rebooting the computer is sometimes all that is necessary to fix an issue.

Take out any coverings or cases from third parties. The metals and magnets included in a lot of third-party protective covers obstruct the Galaxy Note smartphone and S Pen’s ability to connect. When using a stylus to sketch, this may result in white spaces on the screen.

Take off the screen guards. It’s possible that certain screen protectors are too thick to properly identify the Galaxy Note S Pen. Additionally, the sensitivity of these protectors to uneven, hard, and rubbery surfaces may have an impact on how the S Pen drags across the screen.

s pen not connecting

Look for updates in the software. Consult the manual for instructions specific to your phone type, software version, and wireless carrier. Restart your Galaxy Note smartphone after updating it before attempting to use the S Pen.

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Restart the S-pen. It’s possible that the S pen unplugged from your smartphone. It can be easily fixed by reconnecting.

Use Safe Mode to restart the phone. This is a basic boot method for the phone that removes any unnecessary programs or other frills, much like Safe Mode on a Windows PC. It will assist you in identifying the obstacle and ruling out a minor issue. Try the S Pen once again once you’ve restarted your device in Safe Mode.

Change out the S Pen’s tip. It could be time for a new S Pen tip if your Galaxy Note device isn’t registering your pen or if your pen strokes aren’t constant. Every Galaxy Note handset from Samsung comes with a S Pen tip removal tool and five replacement tips. The procedure for changing the tip is easy.

Reset the Galaxy Note to its factory settings. The phone’s factory settings are restored with this procedure. Press the Reset button on the S Pen to reset it just in case.

Before you execute a reset on your smartphone, make a backup of your important data to avoid losing it.

Take out the S Pen. Occasionally, the pen is to blame. S Pen replacements are available from Samsung as well as online retailers like Amazon. Purchase the appropriate S Pen for the version of Galaxy Note that you own.

Speak with Samsung customer support. For repair alternatives, get in touch with Samsung if none of these work on your S Pen. Samsung provides at-home, mail-in, and walk-in services.

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How should I hold my S Pen?

Press down on the S Pen’s end to remove it if it’s connected to your Samsung mobile (your device should vibrate). Press the S Pen button twice on the end of the S Pen while holding it over the screen of your smartphone if it’s not attached.

If I misplace my S Pen, how can I find it?

Launch the SmartThings app on your mobile device, choose Device, and then pick your S Pen from the list of devices. When you choose Find Device, a map will appear on the app so you can see approximate location of the S Pen.

How can I link my Galaxy Z Fold3 to my S Pen?

Grab the S-pen. After shutting down your Z Fold3, press and hold the pairing button on the S Pen for three seconds to see a pop-up alert identifying the device appear on the screen. To accept the connection, select Connect.

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