Rupee4click: One of The Most Typical Traits of A Phony Website Is This.


There may have been a commercial for the website Rupee4click that you’ve heard or seen. On this website, it is claimed that anyone can make hundreds of rupees by solving captchas, finishing offers, clicking advertisements, and suggesting new members. Our investigation into the legitimacy of the Rupee4click website is ongoing, so we won’t address their offers here.

Is Rupee4click a secure website? Not at all, no. There are several reasons for this, such as a website that is poorly designed, a lack of information about the owner and originator, an absence of registration information, and many others. Details on the site’s red flag are provided below. Avoid Rupee4click at all times and never give them your personal information; we do not recommend it for online income.

We advise you to stay away from the Rupee4click website if you just want a short review. For additional information, read the whole article.

Date of Creation:

At, we looked. It was registered on November 20, 2020, as we found out. The name and contact information of the owner is not given.

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Offering very alluring schemes like those offered by Rupee4click is tried-and-true strategy scammers employ to entice victims.

Lack of registration details

  • When we examined Rupee4click, we couldn’t find any registration data.
  • Getting in touch with Rupee4click:
  • Email is the best way to get in touch with Rupee4click in the future. A one-way connection exists. Sending them a message or an inquiry does not guarantee that you will get even one response.
  • It can’t in any way converse with them.

Details Regarding the Owner:


Nobody is familiar with Rupee4click’s owner. It is impossible to ascertain who is truly in charge of a website if that website’s official webpage does not include information about its owner and operator. Fraudsters conceal their personal information and identities out of fear of being discovered.

The website doesn’t provide any information about the owner. It means that nobody is aware of the identity of the website’s creator. One of the most typical traits of a phony website is this.

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It Seems Like Rupee4 Click Is a Scam Site.

The purported rewards are utterly irrational because rival companies offer much lower compensation for the same services. The business offers to pay you $10 for each click on your referral link, $100 if they sign up for the platform and $200 for menial tasks like data entry. It is hard to comprehend why any company would pay such a high fee for so little work.

The website makes the misleading claim that the business has been in existence for five years even though the domain name was just registered in November 2020.

The Terms & Conditions are in conflict with the home page. The main website states that payments are made every seven days, however, the rules state that payments are made at the end of each month.

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This makes me doubt the professionalism of the platform.

Priya Mishra, the company’s marketing manager, provides a testimonial on the home page. However, this appears to be a made-up person because the photo was altered.

I was given an account manager after signing up who claimed to be named Madhu Sharan but who also seemed to be a made-up person. The provided email address is fake, and the image used is of a non-Indian.

Even though it doesn’t have a social media presence of its own, Rupee4Click offers to pay people for their online posts. The website’s social networking links are fake and inactive.

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