Rumour suggests that Dua Lipa and Chris Martin are dating one another

Chris marting and Dua Lipa in relationship

Dua Lipa and Chris Martin in relationship

During the Glastonbury Festival, the two talented singers and songwriters, Dua Lipa and Coldplay’s Chris Martin shared a kiss. By the looks of it, Chris Martin is the former singer of the band, Coldplay. Reports suggest that during the festival, Martin was flirting with the songwriter and singer Dua Lipa. Back in the year 2017, Chris Martin and Dua Lipa came together to curate the song “Homesick.”

It was during the phase of “Homesick,” the spiking of rumors between the two singers came into being. Other than kissing each other during the Glastonbury Festival, the singers gave the people a vibe that they are getting comfortable with one another. There is a highly likely chance that this could be a rumor.

On the other hand, a few weeks ago, Chris Martin and Dakota Johnson have split up from one another. Dakota Johnson came into prominence after her role of the film series, Fifty Shades. Johnson portrayed the role of Anastasia Steele, the female protagonist of the movie.

Chris Martin and Dua Lipa have split from their partners

The love interest of Iron Man, Pepper Potts was married to Coldplay’s lead singer before Chris dated Dakota Johnson. The marriage between Paltrow and Martin didn’t last for more than ten years. During the ten years of marriage, the couple gave birth to a couple of kids, Apple 15-year-old & Moses 13-year-old.

Before the rumor began to surface, Dua Lipa was also in a relationship with Isaac Carew. She and Issac split in the middle of 2019. Isaac Carew was also a model when he didn’t cook food to fill people’s stomach.

Did Dua and Chris share a kiss?

The representative of Chris said that there was nothing between Dua Lipa and Chris Martin. Moreover, the representative also said that, given that the report suggests that Chris and Dua are together, it isn’t true. Both Chris and Dua came into the festival alongside a massive group of friends only to enjoy the festival.

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