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Rowan Atkinson gestures during an interview in 2007. The famous British comedian who plays Mr. Bean is selling his McLaren F1 race car

An English actor, comedian, and writer with the name of Rowan Sebastian Atkinson CBE were born on January 6, 1955. On the sitcoms Blackadder (1983–1989) and Mr. Bean (1990–1955) as well as the movie series Johnny English, he played the titular roles (2003–2018). The BBC sketch comedy program Not the Nine O’Clock News (1979–1982), for which Atkinson won the 1981 British Academy Television Award for Best Entertainment Performance, and The Secret Policeman’s Ball (1979), where he appeared in a skit, was where he first gained notoriety. Both solo and group performances have been seen in later stage skits.

His other cinematic roles include those in Love Actually (1994), Four Weddings and a Funeral (1994), The Lion King (1994), and the James Bond movie Never Say Never Again (1983). He also voiced the red-billed hornbill Zazu in The Lion King (1994). (2003). In the 1997 film adaptations of Bean and Mr. Bean’s Holiday, he played Mr. Bean (2007). In addition, Atkinson appeared in the BBC sitcom The Thin Blue Line (1995–1996) and portrayed Maigret in the ITV series Maigret (2016–2017). In the 2009 West End production of the musical Oliver!, he played the part of Fagin as part of his theatrical career.

Early Years

rowan atkinson

In the English village of Consett, Rowan Atkinson was born on January 6, 1955. Rowan was raised in an Anglican household with two brothers by his farming father. He was extremely little when his third sibling passed away. Because of his stellar academic performance, Rowan Atkinson was able to attend Newcastle University and graduate with a degree in electrical engineering. The Queen’s College at Oxford is where he later earned his MSc in Electrical Engineering in 1978.

Atkinson was initially driven to pursue a degree, but he soon found himself drawn to acting. He had written sketches for a comedy company in Oxford by this point, and he was already quite active in the acting community. Additionally, he was active in the Oxford University Dramatic Society.

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What Is the Net Worth of Rowan Atkinson?

An actor, playwright, and comedian, Rowan Atkinson has a $150 million fortune. Atkinson is regarded as one of the greatest physical comedians and is perhaps best known for playing “Mr. Bean.” Atkinson has, however, also taken on a variety of roles that highlight his comedic abilities and breadth. He is also a skilled actress in the theatre.

Rowan enjoys collecting cars in addition to performing. He has numerous high-end sports automobiles. Most notably, he once possessed a McLaren F1, which he TWICE crashed. He received $12 million for this McLaren. Later in this piece, we’ll talk more about this car and his collection.


rowan atkinson

Radio was a medium in which Rowan Atkinson did some of his early work. He hosted a radio program called The Atkinson People in 1979. In reality, Rowan was interviewing himself for this one-man show while also showcasing his remarkable voice-acting abilities. He also made his first appearance on television at this time with Canned Laughter. Later, he became the host of the parody news program Not the Nine O’Clock News. Alongside Monty Python members, he made a name for himself in the theatre industry by performing in a production of The Secret Policeman’s Ball.

A pivotal year in Atkinson’s career was 1983. One of his most well-known ventures, a TV series called Black Adder, offered him the lead part. He also made his film debut that year with the “unofficial” James Bond flick Never Say Never Again. Later, he appeared in the short film Dead on Time for a second time. Christian Bale, who was 10 years old at the time, and Atkinson performed in The Nerd in 1984 as part of Atkinson’s ongoing theatrical career.

The second season of Black Adder took a while to develop, mostly due to financial issues. The second season did, however, finally premiere in 1986. As Black Adder II evolved into Black Adder the Third in 1987 and Black Adder Goes Forth in 1989, this became Atkinson’s main emphasis throughout the following few years. One of the most watched British comedies of all time, and this series has proven to be. Atkinson had an appearance in the movie The Tall Guy near the close of the final season of Black Adder.

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Car Collection by Rowan Atkinson

Rowan Atkinson has a strong interest in automobiles and has previously competed in numerous races. Honda NSX, Jaguar Mk7, Aston Martin DB2, vintage Ford Falcon, 1939 BMW 328, and Rolls-Royce Phantom Coupe are among the vehicles in Mr. Bean’s collection. Rowan Atkinson not only has a fantastic collection of high-end vehicles, but he also has driving skills. At Top Gear, Rowan Atkinson’s F1 set the second-fastest time ever recorded on the course.

Kinship, Girlfriend, and Family

rowan atkinson

His mother’s name is Mrs. Ella May Bainbridge, and her occupation is a teacher. Rowan Atkinson’s father is Mr. Eric Atkinson, a farmer, and corporate director.

His sibling’s number three. Paul Atkinson, who passed away while he was a baby, Rodney Atkinson, a professional Euroskeptic economist, and Rupert Atkinson, a professional accountant, are his three elder brothers.

The marital status of Rowan Atkinson is divorced. He is currently seeing Louise Ford, and they had a baby in 2017. He and his ex-wife Sunetra Sastry have a son named Benjamin Atkinson and a daughter named Lily Sastry.

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Physical Qualities

Rowan Atkinson is an attractive man with a wonderful personality. He has a regular body type, outstanding physical measurements, and a powerful, handsome figure.

He stands about 5 feet 11 inches tall and weighs about 80 kg. In addition to having stunning and hypnotic blazing hazel eyes, he also has short, fashionable brown hair.

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