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Jeff Bezos tumultuous personal life: Role of Saudi Arabia and Donald Trump

jeff bezos divorce

Jeff Bezos phone hacked

And the winner of providing the racy photos to the National Enquirer is the Saudis. Not only Saudi’s have become the worst friend of Jeff Bezos but also for America. Nevertheless, the glorious president of the United States of America, Trump is Saudis best friend. Well, this is not shocking to people anymore; Trump has made a lasting impression on American people. And this is the reason why people are not surprised by the revelation that came to light in the last couple of years.

Saudi honors the POTUS and boosts Trump’s ego and in the end, reveal that Jared Kushner is their “Inside Guy”. Saudi takes American weapons only to make things complication in the future. Trump’s organization has deeper roots with the Saudis. And this is a story for another day. Everything that has been happening with Jeff Bezos since January is because of the abduction and murder of Jamal Khashoggi.

The result of Jeff Bezos’ Private Investigation

The National Enquirer said that they did not utilize the sources that the Saudis have provided them. National Enquirer indicated the racy photos of Bezos the media outlet of America has published. Given that National Enquirer said no related to their involvement with the Saudis. Nevertheless, sources indicate that National Enquirer is deeply in bed with the officials of Saudi.

If the allegations made by Gavin De Becker are true, then Jeff Bezos’ married life became collateral damage. When the murder of Jamal Khashoggi came to light, The Washington Post did everything to get to the truth. All Bezos wanted was to reach to the fact as to who murdered one of the significant columnists of The Washington Post.


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According to De Becker, the Saudi found access to Bezos’ phone and this where thing went upside down. Jeff Bezos made an extensive private investigation which includes the interviews of the experts in spyware in Saudi Arabia. And the conclusion of the investigation points the crown prince of Saudi.

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