Roborock’s new trademark suggests its working on smart car tech

Roborock's new trademark suggests its working on smart car tech
Roborock's new trademark suggests its working on smart car tech

According to the latest news, Roborock has applied for a new trademark. It is for a “Rock Smart Car” which is for an international classification for transportation. As of now, the trademark is still under the status of “application for registration”. The trademark is yet to be granted.

From the trademark application title, it seems, the company is working on a smart car and related technologies. It is not clear that what technology the company is exactly working on.

There is some probability that it could be to provide hardware or software related solutions to automobile manufacturers who directly build smart cars. It could be a self driving or related technology. On the other hand, it could also be a technology that simply connects devices like smart screens which are housed in the vehicle.

Apart from all these, it also marks another Chinese brand entering the smart car market. In the last couple of months, there have been various rumors and reports surfacing regarding Chinese vendors branching into the automobile industry including the likes of Xiaomi and Huawei.

It is worth mention that Roborock’s CEO and Founder has experience within the industry as he established an independent car company, called Stone Motors. Stone Motors has partnered with automobile giant Mercedes-Benz. According to an ITHome report, Stone Technology has stated that the new project which has been trademarked will not be directly linked with the company.

Roborock is known for smart home appliance offerings such as vacuum robots. Within the Xiaomi Ecological chain, vacuum robots are the company’s most popular product in the market so it remains to be seen what the company is baking silently.

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