Robin Wright Says She’s Not Back with Ex Sean Penn but ‘We’ll Always Be a Family’

Robin Wright Says She's Not Back with Ex Sean Penn but 'We'll Always Be a Family'

Over ten years after their divorce, Robin Wright calls her friendship with her ex-husband Sean Penn “a treasure.”

Wright, 56, addressed the rumors that have been circulating about his relationship with Penn, 62, after the two were seen together twice in Los Angeles last month. Wright spoke with E! News this week.

“to get along with your child’s father… Given that we are all aware of how traumatic divorce with children can be, it really is a blessing “added the actress.

She justified her recent public appearances with Penn, to whom she was married from 1996 to 2010, as “when you get estranged and become friends again… we were going to an event for our children.”

She and Penn are “always going to be a unit that way,” Wright continued.

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We’re always going to be family, she said, whether we’re together or not. And I think that’s lovely, and I hope that happens for everyone.

Wright and Penn were last seen in 2017 traveling to New York’s John F. Kennedy airport before their sightings in January. The exes are not back together as a relationship, despite the fact that they “are both single right now and get along fine,” an insider said to PEOPLE last month.

The source claimed, “Sean has always declared that Robin is the love of his life.” “He has a lot of regrets about the events during their marriage. Spending time with her is now something he relishes.”

Both Penn and Wright terminated their romances last year, with Wright filing for divorce from Clément Giraudet in September after four years of dating and Penn finalizing his divorce from Leila George in April.

After Penn’s divorce from Madonna, the couple started dating; they had been dating intermittently for years before to becoming married. Hopper Penn, a son of Penn and Wright, is 29 years old, and Dylan Penn, a daughter, is 31.

After a 20-year partnership, Wright told Britain’s Telegraph in 2014 that her divorce from Penn was “devastating.”

“Divorce is heartbreaking both without children and with them. And it gets worse: “At the time, she remarked. “Trying to keep the family together was one of the reasons we broke up and rekindled our relationship so frequently. If you have children, you are a family, and you try again and again.”

She continued, “We did that for a very long time.

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