Robin Givens About Jamie Foxx’s Mike Tyson Movie: I Felt Like My Planet was Crumbling

Robin Givens On Jamie Foxx's Mike Tyson Movie: I Felt Like My World Was Crumbling

Lady Robin Givens isn’t looking ahead to Jamie Foxx’s upcoming Mike Tyson film.

“I felt that this fall from the pit of my belly and had been like,’Oh no, here we go again,'” she told PEOPLE after hearing the biopic had been in evolution. “I felt as though the entire world was crumbling .”

Robin wed the heavyweight winner in February 1988 but filed for divorce just eight weeks after, involving allegations of physical abuse.

Tyson had confessed previously that he’d abuse her.

“my story was quite people, but once I talk to girls and that I sit and I have kids, I understand that the particulars of our stories will be exactly the very same,” she states. “My story is the story. Your story is the story”

She says he had been abusive towards her after they parted ways.

“I recall my ex-husband calling up and saying,’I have decided I am not going to kill you. I will make your life miserable you are likely to slit your throat perish,'” she told this book.

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