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rob walton net worth

Forbes predicts that Rob Walton will acquire the franchise with a winning bid of about $4.5 billion. The winning bid has not yet been confirmed, but it is anticipated to be disclosed “early this month,” according to Forbes. There is always a danger that a deal of this scale may fail, but given Walton’s immense fortune and resources, it seems exceedingly improbable at this stage.

Officially, the second round of offers will not be submitted until Monday, a source revealed to CBS Sports NFL Insider Josina Anderson. The source also stated that “any notion that a favorite has emerged or a price has been determined is completely wrong.”

In May, prospective purchasers visited the Broncos’ facilities, bringing the sale of the franchise closer. Although there were four other contenders interested in purchasing the team, none of them could equal Walton’s fortune. Forbes estimates that Rob, the son of Walmart founder Sam Walton, is worth around $59.6 billion.

Childhood and Family

Rob Walton was born on October 28, 1944, in Tulsa, Oklahoma, as the eldest of four children of Walmart co-founder Sam Walton (1918–1992) and his wife Helen (1919–2007). Jim Walton and Alice Walton are his younger brothers and sister. John Walton, another brother, passed away in 2005.

Walton attended The College of Wooster and earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration from the University of Arkansas in 1966, where he was a member of the Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity. In 1969, he obtained his Juris Doctor from Columbia Law School. Walton is also a trustee of Wooster College.

After graduating, Walton joined the Tulsa, Oklahoma legal firm Conner & Winters, which represented Walmart. He left Tulsa in 1978 to become Walmart’s senior vice president, and in 1982 he was promoted to vice-chairman. [9] Two days after his father’s death, on April 7, 1992, he was appointed chairman of the board of directors.

Between 2008 and 2013, he and his siblings contributed around $2 billion to the Walton Family Foundation.

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What Is the Net Worth of Rob Walton?

Rob Walton, often known as S. Robson Walton, is an American businessman and the eldest son of Sam Walton, the founder of Walmart. The net worth of Rob Walton is $68 billion. Rob, in addition to being a Walton heir, had a crucial part in the running of the Walmart corporation from 1992 to 2015 as Chairman. This distinguishes him from his brothers and fellow heirs, as few of them have ever worked in the Walmart company. Rob has been one of the 15 richest persons in the world in recent years.

Rob Walton leads a secluded life and seldom does interviews, despite his extraordinary fortune. As a result, nothing is known about his personal life. Many further Walton heirs have this characteristic.


Rob Walton was granted the opportunity to work for Conner & Winters, the law firm that represented Walmart, after earning his law degree. Rob departed Conner & Winters after a number of years to become Walmart’s senior vice president. He was named to the board of directors in 1982. Rob succeeded his father as chairman two days following his father’s death in 1992. Walton held this role until 2015 when he resigned.

Denver Broncos

The Bowlen Trust (named after previous club owner Pat Bowlen) announced on June 6, 2022, that it has reached a deal to sell the Denver Broncos to Rob Walton for $4.5 billion. The beneficiaries of the trust are Pat Bowlen’s seven surviving children.

The Walton Family Endowment

According to a 2014 article, Rob Walton has never made a personal donation to the Walton Family Foundation. The research was based on an examination of the foundation’s tax returns over decades. This is crucial since Walmart frequently deflects criticism by emphasizing its charitable contributions. However, this investigation suggested that Rob is not really donating to this foundation, despite being one of Walmart’s greatest beneficiaries. However, some stories claim that he and his brothers have given $2 billion to the organization.

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Automobile Collection

Rob Walton is very secretive about his personal life and wants to avoid the spotlight. However, Rob is renowned for his collection of classic sports automobiles. According to rumors, Walton owns a Ferrari 250 GTO valued between $35 million and $52 million. Additionally, he owns a 1965 Shelby Cobra, which is worth around $820,000.

The market value of his Ferrari 250 LM is $14.6 million, while the value of his Ferrari 250 GT SWB is around $4.1 million. Rob is also known to have acquired a Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa for $12.1 million in the past. This model is currently valued at around $40 million on the open market. 1960 Maserati T60 and 1958 Scarab MKI are two further important additions to his collection.

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