Rick Moranis Sucker Punch Suspect Arrested, Felony Assault Charge


The Man who Supposedly sucker punched Rick Moranis is now in police custody and his criminal Complaint Has Been pushed to Some Significant Group Due to Rick’s Era.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ… NYPD officers detained 35-year old Marquis Ventura that weekend from relation with the attack which left Moranis knocked his ass at Manhattan while walking some scaffolding at the Upper West Side a month.

We are told Ventura was reserved on a felony assault bill — that employs since Rick is a senior citizen… essentially, if you assault somebody who’s 65 years old or previously, any attack charge that will accompany is updated. Believe it or not, Rick’s sitting in a ripe 67.

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Crime Stoppers

You will remember… that the sucker punch was entirely arbitrary and unprovoked as it occurred. Moranis was walking with a guy in a surveillance video that captured the episode — and from nowherehe uttered on the celebrity… that made him summoned into the floor.

Moranis went into the hospital to get a while on his head, hip and neck — but afterwards said that he was fine. Nevertheless, it pissed off plenty of folks from Hollywood — like just one Chris Evans, who stated the offender has to be apprehended.

Seems like Captain’s desire was granted… so it sounds. Ventura is defined to be arraigned later this week.

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