Richard Irvin Girlfriend: Complete Details About the Rumors with Laura Ayala Clarke

richard irvin girlfriend

Last year, Aurora Mayor Richard Irvin, who is now running for governor of Illinois, arrived at the site of his then-arrest girlfriend’s by Aurora police for allegedly striking a security officer at a marijuana business.

According to a police report acquired by the Aurora Beacon-News and Chicago Tribune, he said to a police officer that the accusations against her “will be taken care of.” She was charged with a minor municipal offence, an ordinance violation for battery.

The news that Irvin turned up at an Aurora police arrest dealing with his girlfriend threatens to tarnish the image he is seeking to establish through a persistent, tough-on-crime ad campaign in a GOP primary election where he has elevated himself as a law-and-order candidate.

Irvin rejects the police report’s portrayal of his words, claiming that it meant he exploited his position as mayor to influence the charges against his then-girlfriend, Laura Ayala-Clarke and that this was “really wrong.”

Election Campaigns

richard irvin girlfriend

Irvin announced his intention to run for Mayor of Aurora in 2003 after incumbent Mayor David Stover announced he would not seek a third term.

Despite the fact that the election was technically nonpartisan, Irvin received support from prominent Republican politicians and conservative organisations, while Tom Weisner received support from Democrats, including former Senator Obama. Weisner earned 59 per cent of the vote after beating Irvin in April 2005.

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In 2007, he was elected to the Aurora City Council as the first African American Alderman At-Large.

During the 2008 campaign, Irvin hinted that he may run for mayor against Weisner.

Irvin campaigned on reversing Weisner’s 7.5 per cent property tax raise, and he opposed Weisner’s tax hikes throughout his first term. In April of 2009, Weisner beat Irvin by 8,379 votes to 3,291 votes

In Aurora’s 59th mayoral election on April 4, 2017, he narrowly defeated Richard “Rick” Guzman, the mayor’s assistant chief of staff, by 7,574 votes to Guzman’s 7,404 votes.

An African-American Mayor Has Been Sworn in For the First Time.

Irvin won reelection to another four-year term on April 6, 2021, with more than 55 per cent of the vote, defeating Alderman Judd Lofchie and union carpenter John Laesch.

Irvin declared his intention to run for Governor of Illinois as a Republican in the 2022 general election on January 17, 2022. His running mate is Avery Bourne, an Illinois state legislator.

Richard Irvin’s Girlfriend: Who Is She?

richard irvin girlfriend

According to the earliest police records, Richard Irvin’s girlfriend, Laura Ayala Clarke, was arrested last year for assaulting a security officer at a marijuana business. According to one of the policemen assigned to the raid, when Richard got on the scene, he said that the claims against his girlfriend Ayala will be ‘taken care of.’

After some paperwork, Laura was charged with a minor municipal offence of ordinance battery violation.

While still running for governor of Illinois, Richard is polishing his image as the righteous law and order champion. His ephemeral persona has been tainted by his year-old case, which showed his participation at his girlfriend Ayala’s drug-buying site while still married to his wife Crystal.

Aurora Police apprehended Richard’s ex-girlfriend, with whom he split up after the incident and bail, for assaulting a marijuana company security guard. Richard then justified his comment about being “taken care of” as a simple statement about his girlfriend receiving competent legal representation, and then demanded a proper prison bailout. He’s working hard to get rid of his hurtful remark and repair his public image.

Richard Irvin’s Relationship Status

richard irvin girlfriend

According to Openlineblog, Richard Irvin is married to Crystal Irvin.

Many women have come forward to accuse Irvin of sexual assault, including some who work at Aurora City Hall. Brittany Pederson, a former coworker, has joined Richard Irvin’s criminal defence firm as a partner.

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She became pregnant as a result of Irvin’s sexual assault while working for the government. He tried to persuade Brittany to get an abortion the second time around, but she refused and ended up carrying twins.