‘RHOSLC’s Jen Shah Talks Steak w/ Mary Cosby: You Are Only Being Evil!!

'RHOSLC's Jen Shah Talks Beef w/ Mary Cosby: You're Just Being Evil!!

Throughout the premiere episode of Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, Jen Shah demonstrated she was no longer talking to Mary Cosby — since Mary told her she smelled like a hospital.

Mary stated she finds that the scents of hospitals tripping and it makes her dizzy — but Jen believed her former buddy managed it .

Jen is not convinced there’s expectation for their own friendship.

“The kicker is that I did not even visit the hospital” Jen told Page Six. “So you are just being wicked. I meanyou understand, I understand that she is a girl of God and all, but that is not too godlike. At least within my church”

She attempted to face Mary throughout the incident, however, her words weren’t well received.

“I only need her to plead and express sorry,” Shah clarified. “I am really straightforward. Like, I understand people make mistakes, though that error was just like… that is like you are not a wonderful person. But, hey, let us simply apologize and suggest it, be real and let’s just proceed. We could do this. That is literally all that I need out of her to proceed. I really don’t know if she is capable of this. Perhaps she is able to return to her own church and beg then come back and I want to know.”

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