‘RHONJ’: Melissa Rejects Teresa’s Bridesmaid Offer—’like an Ex-Boyfriend Saying I Want You Back’

'Rhonj': Melissa Rejects Teresa's Bridesmaid Offer—'like an Ex-Boyfriend Saying I Want You Back'

Melissa Gorga has decided not to be in Teresa Giudice’s bridal party.

At Teresa’s wedding, Melissa declined to be a bridesmaid on Tuesday’s episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey since Teresa never asked her.

In this week’s episode, the sisters-in-law continued their conversation at Danielle Cabral’s mozzarella-making party, continuing from last week’s episode where they argued over the seating arrangement at Teresa’s engagement party.

“I’m simply going with my gut on this. My impression was that you weren’t pulling for Louie (Ruelas) and me “Teresa, age 50, remarked to Melissa, age 43.

“Really? Just so you know, no one welcomed Louie more than Joe [Gorga] and I did “Melissa put in. “Please show me the resolution to this saga so I can feel good about myself. As far as I’m concerned, I’ve seen it all here. I’d like to watch that. Always. True story. This is serious.”

‘I sense that,’ Teresa finally said.

'Rhonj': Melissa Rejects Teresa's Bridesmaid Offer—'like an Ex-Boyfriend Saying I Want You Back'

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Melissa said, “I’m good with the engagement party.” “The only time I had to reprimand myself was when I appeared dishonest. It’s not necessary for me to be a part of the wedding, and that’s good with me.”

As someone who has trouble letting things go, Teresa asked Melissa: “Are you interested in being a part of the wedding ceremony? I’m referring to the case where you have expressed interest in attending the wedding as one of the attendants.”

Why do you think you’re helping me out?” It seemed that Melissa was taken aback by Teresa’s unexpected request, so she inquired.

Insistence from Teresa: “Please consider being one of my bridesmaids. I am not joking around.”

For Melissa, though, Teresa’s generosity came too late.

“No way in hell am I going back there again. Something like an ex-boyfriend admitting, “I f—-ed up,” comes to mind. I need you to come back. You can’t take me back if you f—-ing throw up “Melissa laughed and added.

The group of Women gathered around Danielle’s outdoor chairs and shared her mirth.

“Not participating is fine with me. Really, I’m OK. Really, I mean it this time “That’s what Melissa said.

“Ok. I appreciate it. What can I say? “Teresa, who appeared to be in good spirits, hugged back.

At the sight of the women’s hug, Teresa let out a sigh of relief “What the heck. Finally!”

“I’ve had enough of this conversation, and I don’t want to continue it. In any case, “As soon as they went their separate ways, Melissa added.

Jackie Goldschneider, over lunch with Margaret Josephs and Melissa later in the episode, said, “I’m chipping away at some pretty harmful dietary habits,” and she also said she doesn’t really like new cast member Danielle.

Margaret then said that Jennifer Aydin is in a “downward spiral,” echoing earlier comments.

She’s like an open wound that never closes, Margaret said.

'Rhonj': Melissa Rejects Teresa's Bridesmaid Offer—'like an Ex-Boyfriend Saying I Want You Back'

Teresa and Gia, age 21, returned to the Giudice home and met with Melissa to discuss the events of last week’s engagement party.

It’s awful that Melissa had to resort to a lie to defame you, Gia stated.

Teresa’s announcement to Gia that she had invited Melissa to be a part of the wedding party was met with less than enthusiastic approval.

“I wish you never asked her that because not for nothing, you’re still furious with the fact that like she said she was there for us,” Gia admitted, referring to Joe and Melissa’s actions while Gia’s father, Joe Giudice, was being sent to prison.

Louie, chiming in, remarked, “It’s sad, it’s disgusting.” “I’m sorry you’re going through this, and I just can’t stand seeing Joe Gorga act like that. Man, do you really think I don’t see you? I can spot you from a mile away.”

'Rhonj': Melissa Rejects Teresa's Bridesmaid Offer—'like an Ex-Boyfriend Saying I Want You Back'

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Melissa and Joe, 43, learn at their beach house that neither Melissa’s sister nor her mother was invited to Teresa and Louie’s wedding.

Joe Giudice revealed in an interview that his relatives attended his wedding to Melissa because it was “the appropriate thing to do.”

The problem hasn’t improved because of anything that Louie has done, Joe remarked. The situation is now far more dire thanks to him.

Joe expressed his dissatisfaction with Louie to the other men gathering for a guy’s night as the show came to a close. Just as Louie walked in, Joe said, “I just want him to know, ‘You’re a piece of trash, you’re garbage.'”

Joe didn’t hesitate before addressing him. “I was just informed that Melissa’s relatives would not be attending the wedding. Everyone’s in except for the people on my side of the world. What a ridiculous and unacceptable idea.”

What’s Louie’s justification? It’s a bunch of old hogwash.

Joe urged, “You have to give Melissa’s family respect, regardless of what transpired between Melissa and Teresa.”

An argument escalated to the point where the two men yelled at each other across the bar.

It’s not amusing that I’m above you, a sneering Louie told Joe.

'Rhonj': Melissa Rejects Teresa's Bridesmaid Offer—'like an Ex-Boyfriend Saying I Want You Back'

After all the commotion, Joe finally told the boys that he was hurt and scared to get hurt again. When Louie finally collected himself, he recommended that Joe have a conversation with Teresa.

“I’m going to think about it,” Joe said.

A confessional from later indicated Joe was less confident that seeing his sister would be a good decision.

“What are our plans, exactly? Soon after we take a seat, she will always say, “Well, you didn’t defend Louie.” What Joe had to say. “Teresa is always doing things like that. She stays put and does nothing. Knowing how she feels deep down, there’s no point in my continuing to squander my time with her.”

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