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Report says that Samsung will manufacture at least 1 million foldable phones in 2019

The first ever foldable phone from Samsung will be launched in the first half of the year 2019. There have been reports that Samsung Electronics Co. will manufacture at least 1 million units of the foldable phone initially and sell them across the globe.

Recently, at the event of a developer conference in San Francisco on Wednesday, Samsung revealed and gave a glimpse of its first foldable-screen phone. Though the South Korea-based company almost unveiled its latest technology, no details on price, name or release date were provided by the company regarding the product.

Samsung’s mobile communication business president, Koh, after the event in San Francisco told the reporters that the final product with the foldable technology would be launched in the first half of the year 2019.

Koh also informed that similar to other Samsung flagship phones such as the Galaxy S9, a new version of the foldable phone will be unveiled every year. Besides this, Koh also added that the production of the company’s first foldable smartphone would depend upon the response of the market after its launch.

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Talking about the preparations and the efforts that Samsung is putting to make its new product success, a team has been set up with Google to develop a software interface for the foldable phone. There have been reports that Samsung’s mobile communication business president, Koh met Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google, two months ago regarding the same.

Amidst the launch of its all-new foldable smartphone, Samsung is also planning to launch a cheaper version of its flagship Galaxy S10 next year. The South Korea-based company is planning to launch the more affordable version of S10 to grab the attention of the consumers that are becoming more cost-conscious and are not willing to purchase expensive smartphones.

Koh further informed that Samsung would be provided with a “big opportunity” next year by 5G technology.

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