Reese Witherspoon Teases a Legally Blond 3 Update

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On Monday, Reese Witherspoon treated fans to a Instagram Live and caught up with her pal Jennifer Lopez. During their conversation, the Hustlers celebrity told Reese that her along with her 12-year old twins Emme and Max lately observed Legally Blonde collectively, which ignited a philosophical update regarding the standing of Legally Blond 3.

“Oh, my god, we all saw Legally Blonde another day,” Jennifer raved. “Literally, for example, four days past. Oh, my god, I forgotI can not believe I did not inform you. They adored it. Loved it. It had been so much pleasure. You’re so amazing at that. It is really Amazing. And after that, my kid’s like,’I need to learn what occurs to her’ And I said,’There is a 2 and a 3, I think.'”

Agree to hear that her kids were lovers of the movie, Reese chimed in,”Well, no, there is a two but I am thinking we’re operating on a 3″

Thrilled in the chance to watch Elle Woods reunite, Jennifer advocated the Big Little Lies celebrity to pursue a third Legally Blonde movie. “You ought to. You ought to,” that the”Love Do not Cost A Thing” singer believed. “That personality was really astonishing and so inspiring and empowering. Yeah, it is excellent for women ”


Back in 2018, Reese thrilled fans everywhere once she affirmed that Legally Blonde 3 has been in the works. Taking to Instagram, the Oscar winner steered her fan-favorite personality by minding a sequined pink cherry and also wrote,”It is authentic…#LegallyBlonde3.”

Years prior to the movie became official,” Reese weighed in about exactly what a third installation could seem like. “Lots of authors through the years have produced unique ideas for this,” she explained back 2015. “I really think that it’s sort of great at this time, because we are speaking about women in politics and just how important is for more girls. I believe it would be sort of a cool item to have be a Supreme Court justice or somebody who runs for officelike president”

Mirroring her prior announcement, the Sweet Home Alabama celebrity shared that she would like to reprise her part from the title of feminine empowerment. “I really do believe it is a fantastic time to take action,” she advised E! News at 2016. “I believe girls need that sort of positivity at this time.”


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