Recap of Married at First Sight: Greg and Deonna Okotie Discuss Couples’ “Chemistry” In the Wake of Weddings

Recap of Married at First Sight: Greg and Deonna Okotie Discuss Couples' "Chemistry" in the Wake of Weddings!

Recap of Married at First Sight: Greg and Deonna Okotie Discuss Couples’ “Chemistry” in the Wake of Weddings!

Married at First Sight’s 9th season, which was filmed in Charlotte, North Carolina, and broadcast in 2019, is where Greg and Deonna Okotie first met and were hitched. Married at First Sight’s fifteenth season, which debuted on Lifetime on Wednesday, follows five San Diego-based couples as the reality of their newlywed lives together sets in. The Okoties give PEOPLE their recap of the show from Wednesday night in this article.

This week’s program featured two more courageous couples saying “I do” and walking down the aisle, as well as two more couples getting ready for the big day.

Our favorite part of weddings is usually watching them since it brings back so many lovely memories of our own wedding.

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Stacia & Nate

When Stacia and Nate did finally meet, it was at the altar and they clicked right away. Although Stacia admitted to liking “bad boys” after viewing portions of Nate’s bachelor party, we are unsure if his wild side will be too much for her. Nate appears to be in this situation for the right reasons and is willing to put up the effort necessary to keep his marriage intact.

In general, we have a positive outlook on these two. Since they are both business owners with a strong sense of ambition, we believe they make a good fit. We do, however, hope that Stacia and Nate can channel that same vigor and determination into building a strong, enduring marriage.

Alexis & Justin

In the previous episode, Alexis and Justin said “I do,” and this week, we got to enjoy their wedding reception. They were both in love with each other, and we could tell right away.

The connection and passion were palpable. Hopefully, their passion won’t wane too quickly because their wedding day was just the beginning of many adventures they will have together.

Alexis was initially surprised to learn that Justin was celibate until she blabbed it to the entire reception. We winced as he displayed such vulnerability at that precise moment and it didn’t appear that she understood how admirable it was.

We can only hope that they will be able to get past that bump in the road and that they will continue to develop over time.

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Lindy & Miguel

The joy they had when Lindy and Miguel got married was touching. We like these two a lot. They have a fantastic balance because Miguel is fun and nerdy man and Lindy is an over-thinker. We would love to watch her pick up some of his eccentricities.

When they contributed their ideas and observations, Lindy and Miguel’s pals were genuine MVPs. Lindy should have heeded the wise counsel of her bridesmaids to spend some time getting to know one another and to stop overthinking.

The greatest way to put it was by Miguel’s friends: “If she doesn’t fulfill every one of your 12 requirements, don’t give up. You’re doing reverse dating.”

Because we can see why the matchmakers thought these two would get along, we really hope they do.

Morgan & Binh

Binh’s COVID infection, sadly, forced Morgan and Binh to put off their wedding. It was sad that he fell ill, but let’s hope he’ll be able to make a full recovery.

The fact that they were both able to go dress and tux shopping with friends and family allowed us to discover more about their personalities.

It appears that Binh and his mother get along well. He also expressed his desire to associate with someone who has his mother’s personality. We don’t see this as a cause for alarm because he simply loves his mother, and this could be a sign of how he would treat his wife.

Overall, we are hopeful that the COVID delay won’t negatively affect Morgan and Binh’s initial encounter or their friendship over the course of the process. We do not want Morgan to let unusual circumstances overwhelm their experience despite her understandable worries and apprehensions about falling in love at first sight.

Krysten & Mitch

Krysten and Mitch’s preparations for the aisle walk were visible to us. They appeared to be well-matched and mature in their interactions. While Mitch opened up about his dislike to previous commitments, Krysten also discussed the trauma of her previous relationship.

We pray that Mitch is truly prepared for this level of commitment and that Krysten has totally recovered from her past so they can enter their marriage with open hearts.

We witnessed a different side of Mitch as he got ready to meet his bride. We’re not sure if it was because he was tense, angry, or a combination of both. However, the way he reacts to particular situations, like tying his bowtie and getting a haircut, may raise questions about how he handles issues in their marriage.

On the day of her wedding, Krysten also broke some major news to her father. Although we are not happy with how she broke the news to her father, we remain optimistic that he will support his daughter and continue to participate in her big day.

What transpires for these couples in the program next week excites us.

Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET, Lifetime broadcasts Married at First Sight (produced by Kinetic Content).

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