Rebel Wilson Dating: Everything You Need to Know in 2022

rebel wilson dating

Rebel Wilson has found a new love interest. On June 9, the 42-year-old actor and her girlfriend Ramona Agruma made their Instagram debut, uploading a nice snapshot of the happy pair and identifying her new partner in the post. “I thought I was looking for a Disney Prince… but maybe all this time I wanted was a Disney Princess,” she captioned the photo, which included heart and rainbow emojis as well as the slogan “#loveislove.”

Wilson intimated that she was dating someone new in an interview with PEOPLE published on May 18.

, they said that they were put up by a common acquaintance, without divulging their identities. “We talked for weeks on the phone before meeting, and it was a great opportunity to get to know each other,” she added. “In that respect, it was a little old-school – extremely romantic.”

Her Instagram bio reads, ”

Agra is the founder of Lemon Ve Limon, a Los Angeles-based sustainable clothing boutique, and a brand ambassador for Bee Goddess Jewellery (which is now set to private).

, which bills itself as the “first talismanic exquisite jewellery” in the world. Her LinkedIn profile confirms this.

Agruma also attended law school, from 2004 to 2009, at Latvijas Universitate in Riga, Latvia.

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An Examination of Rebel Wilson’s Dating Life

rebel wilson dating

Rebel attempted for a long time to keep her relationship hidden from the public view before announcing it to the world. The actress dated actor-producer Mickey Gooch Jr in 2015, according to Life and Style Magazine.

It’s unclear how the two met, but they had previously collaborated on a few projects. Unfortunately, their relationship did not endure long, and they eventually split up. Following that, Rebel began dating Aden Stay in 2017. Their romance ended abruptly as well, with no explanation as to what went wrong.

After being seen with Jacob Busch and Beacher Media Group founder Jeff Beacher on several occasions in 2019, the actress was linked to them. While there had been rumours that Rebel was dating Jeff, it was reported in September 2020 that the Pitch Perfect star was dating Jacob.

According to reports, the two met through mutual friends. In February 2021, the couple called it quits after dating for a few months. Rebel announced her relationship with Romana to the world on June 9th.

Rebel Wilson Has a Boyfriend.

Rebel Wilson posted this snapshot of herself with entrepreneur Ramona Agruma in June 2022, and captioned the post: “I thought I was on the lookout for a Disney Prince… But it’s possible that all this time, what I actually needed was a Disney Princess.”

She used the hashtag “#loveislove” with emojis of a pink heart and a rainbow.

According to Agruma’s Instagram account, he is the founder of LEMON VE LIMON, a sustainable clothing company.

She Also Works for Bee Goddess Jewellery as A Brand Representative.

rebel wilson dating

When the couple did give peeks inside their relationship, they were frank about their feelings for each other. “I passed on some roles because I realised I didn’t have enough life experience to play them.” “I was thinking, ‘What can I get out of this?'” According to Jordan, who spoke to The Hollywood Reporter,

in the month of December “However, I finally discovered what love was.” He also mentioned that dating in the public glare required a “special individual,” implying that he’d found that someone in Harvey.

There’s also the split to consider now. While Harvey continues to appear in many posts on Jordan’s Instagram account — which is now flooded with fan comments lamenting the power couple’s breakup — admirers have noted that the model appears to have erased Jordan from her social history.

. Take a look for yourself: there isn’t a single image of the Creed to be found.

Anywhere on Harvey’s grid is a star. Of course, for a celebrity who is well-known for not reacting, this isn’t surprising.

, the quiet Instagram clean-up could be her most natural method of expressing her feelings about the breakup.

What Is Ramona Agruma’s Name?


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A post shared by Rebel Wilson (@rebelwilson)

Ramona’s Instagram account is private womp—but it does provide some personal information. She’s a designer and the founder of Lemon Ve Limon, for starters.

, a Los Angeles-based sustainable fashion firm.

She’s also a Bee Goddess jewellery brand ambassador. She’s also quite attractive. Reb, you’ve done a fantastic job!

What Brought Them Together?

Previously, Rebel stated that an episode of the U Up Ramona was introduced to her by a friend, according to the podcast. “I was using the Raya app on and off.”

“However, this was a set-up by a friend,” she explained. “He’d known both of us for at least five years and was confident that we’d get along—and we did!”.”We talked for weeks on the phone before meeting,” Rebel told People. “And it was a great way to get to know each other,” she says “she stated, “In that respect, it was a little old-school—very romantic.”

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What Did Rebel Have to Say About Their Romance?

She wasn’t going into this new relationship with her eyes wide open. She went at her own pace. Rebel told People that she took some time to get back into the dating game.

“I suppose I went out with approximately 50 individuals in that year,” she added, “but some of them were only one date and then you go, ‘Oh, no.'” “I purposefully wanted to push myself to date a lot of people and gain that experience, which I know isn’t normal, but it really helped me figure out what I loved and didn’t like,” she says.

Rebel also referred to Ramona as an “equal partner,” claiming that the two have a good relationship.

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