R&B Singer Jeremih About A Breathing Ventilator Back in ICU &’Fighting For His Life’ Battling COVID-19

R&B singer Jeremih is allegedly fighting for his life at the intensive care unit of a Chicago hospital at this time, combating a particularly terrifying instance of this coronavirus.

According to sources near the situation who talked to TMZ concerning it,” the singer has been placed to some breathing ventilator now, as of Saturday afternoon, to attempt to conquer some of their very serious consequences of COVID-19.

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Worse still, according to the report, is the close to this situation have been advised”his state has lately gotten worse.” No… Obviously, ventilators are a significant source of attention in this outbreak, because they are crucial items to be used in these types of hospitals in which the sickest of all COVID patients seek therapy. We could only expect Jeremih proceeds to combat also attracts while being treated from these qualified caregivers…

It is uncertain just how long the singer was combating the disease now, or if he had been admitted to the hospital, however by what we could tell based on these reports coming from TMZ and everywhere, it seems very, very severe. There has been little additional insight to continue this, but he has been hospitalized at his home city of Chicago, by what we know.

Word of the illness began to create the rounds on Saturday day on social networking. First shared with rappers such as 50 Cent and Chance The Rapper, also manufacturer Hitmaka, that asked for Truth Jeremih’s behalf.

As you can see (under ), 50 Cent wrote that”that covid so **t will be true,” after discussing an image of himself along with Jeremih about Instagram and explaining a little more about the scenario:

Wow… This type of frightful and helpless sensation to be unable to do anything at circumstances like the…

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He was not the only individual to document Jeremih’s state, possibly. As we mentioned previously, Chance The Rapper additionally commented about the seriousness of this circumstance, asking for folks to”have a moment to plead” to get Jeremih, that”is just like a brother to me and he is sick at this time.”

Here is that dialog, by just after noon on Saturday,” Chicago time, too (under ):

Please if it is possible to have a moment to plead for my buddy Jeremih, he’s just like a brother to me and he is sick at this time. I believe in the healing power of Jesus therefore in case you can like me please say a prayer

— Chance The Rapper (@chancetherapper) November 14, 2020

Scary, scary stuff…

All our thoughts are with Jeremih today as he continues to combat this dreadful pandemic. As 50 Cent mentioned previously, this is extremely real, and really frightening. Ugh.

[Image via WENN/Instar]

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