Razer Keyboard: Reviews of The Top 3 Razer Keyboards for 2022

razer keyboard

Razer mostly makes keyboards for gaming, though they have recently begun to develop keyboards more suited for the business. The majority of their mechanical keyboards are available in a variety of switch types so that you can select the ones that best meet your demands because they also manufacture their own switches. The top Razer keyboards for gaming and other purposes, as determined by our testing of more than 15 Razer keyboards, are listed below.

Optimal Razer Keyboards

Razer Gaming Keyboard Is the Best

razer keyboard

The Razer BlackWidow V3 Pro is the greatest Razer gaming keyboard we’ve tested. This full-size model has one of the lowest wireless latency rates of any we’ve tested, and its wired latency is just as low. It also connects through Bluetooth and connections with up to three devices simultaneously, which is wonderful if you’re streaming or using Discord while gaming, though it’s less crucial for gaming. Razer’s patented clicky Green switches or the linear Yellow switches are your options. K

keypresses feel responsive and pleasant thanks to the Razer Green switches’ light action and short pre-travel distance, especially when combined with the clicking sound. In order to prevent you from unintentionally minimizing your game, it also has added features including dedicated media keys, a customizable control knob, and a Windows lock key. Additionally, RGB backlighting is available to make your keys visible in the dark.

You can’t personalize your board if you use macOS or Linux because those operating systems don’t support the modification tools. Having said that, this keyboard has onboard memory, so you can use a Windows PC running the software to save your settings to the board and then bring them with you to use on other computers. It employs ABS keycaps, despite having a high build quality, which with time can become slippery from finger oils, but you can easily replace the keycaps if you’d rather. All things considered, it’s a great option if you’re wanting to upgrade your gaming setup with a high-performing wireless peripheral.

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Razer Office Keyboard Is the Best

Razer Office Keyboard Is the Best

Recently, Razer has begun to incorporate the knowledge they’ve gained as a top producer of gaming keyboards into models that are more office-focused. The Razer Pro Type Ultra is the best Razer keyboard for office use out of all the ones we’ve evaluated. It is a full-sized keyboard that should look good in most offices because of its simple, all-white appearance. Additionally, it includes full white light backlighting, which is advantageous if you enjoy working in dimly lit areas. It can connect wirelessly using Bluetooth or its USB receiver.

Additionally, you can wirelessly pair one device with its USB receiver or up to three devices using Bluetooth. Additionally, it features a soft wrist rest, unlike its predecessor. Unfortunately, Razer Yellow switches are the only ones that are compatible. Although these linear switches are very light to press and provide good typing quality, they don’t provide tactile feedback as you type. The earlier model of this keyboard has tactile Razer Orange switches if you enjoy the majority of its features but desire to feel a bump when you press a key. However, this model is a superb option and a terrific all-around keyboard for an office setting if you enjoy the feel of typing with linear switches.

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Budget Razer Keyboard Offer

Razer Office Keyboard Is the Best

The Razer BlackWidow Tournament Edition Chroma V2 is the greatest Razer keyboard for the money that we have tested. For your comfort during those lengthy gaming sessions, this TenKeyLess model offers a plush, removable wrist rest and one incline setting. With the TKL form factor, your desk has more room for mouse movements, and the RGB illumination makes it possible for you to view your keys at any time of day. Depending on the sensation you choose, you can buy the keyboard with linear Razer Yellow, tactile Orange, or clicky Green switches.

Because they don’t require much force to push, the linear Razer Yellow switches we tested had a very low pre-travel distance and feel sensitive. The board’s exceptionally low latency also makes games feel responsive and fluid. Unfortunately, despite having a solid overall feel, the keycaps on this keyboard are made of ABS plastic. The majority of users will probably discover that these are less comfortable to type on than PBT keycaps and are more likely to become glossy from your fingers’ oils. Additionally, because this keyboard lacks onboard memory, you cannot save your settings and transfer them to another computer that does not have the software installed. This keyboard is one of the more cheap entry points into the Razer keyboard lineup and offers overall great performance.

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In addition to a large selection of top-notch gaming keyboards, Razer also has some fantastic options for business use. Their keyboards are well-made and available with a variety of switches, but they can be expensive. You may probably discover the ideal Razer keyboard depending on what you’re looking for and how you want to use it.

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