Rapper Russ: How Lil Vacuum Might Be A Buffoon!!

Lil Generator made headlines a week after he endorsed Donald Trump for presidentbut rapper Russ believes he’s a buffoon who Hip Hop has permitted to utilize the civilization.

During a recent installment of Joe Budden’s Pull Up discussion collection, Russ stated:

“Fundamentally, what has happened is you have permitted 13-year old White children to inform the world exactly what Hip Hop culture is. That is the difficulty. I am done spraying my tongue using the sh*t,” he shared. “You can find people such as the Lil Pumps, both the Smokepurpps and only the individuals that are employing the very fact that Hip Hop is the trendiest thing to do at the moment. They are using that as an advertising instrument to become buffoons. They are absolutely telling the rest of the planet… this is exactly what it really means to be Black, so in a feeling, and that is the issue.”

Pump attended a rally Trump, and Trump introduced to his crowd because”Lil Pimp.” Hip Hop will not overlook his public acceptance whilst sporting a MAGA hat.

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