Rapper Fivio Foreign Says’I Can Never Heard Or Harm Any Doctor Woman’ Amidst Reports He Assaulted Girlfriend Taking His Child

Rapper Fivio Foreign Arrested For Assault

Fivio Foreign

Rapper Fivio Foreign Says’I’d Never Heard Or Harm Any Infection Woman’ Amidst Reports He’s Assaulted Girlfriend Taking His Child

Rapper Fivio Australian left his return to societal websites using a collection of tweets later he had been detained on a very simple assault charge for allegedly attacking his 24-year-old expectant woman. With a judge’s order, the”Bop It” rap artist had been arrested in the Bergen County Jail in New Jersey for a couple of days following his arrest on October 10 and allegedly was published.

The rapper’s girlfriendJasmine Giselle had allegedly told authorities Fivio Foreign had assaulted her by hitting her “at the rear of the mind,” in addition to hammering her and hitting

“using a glass jar [just] prior pushing her to the hallway without any clothing ”

About Twitter, Fivio Foreign denied allegations that he’d hurt Jasmine Giselle, who’s reportedly pregnant with their second kid. He thanked his supporters for their prayers prior to denying the alleged attack:

I love y’all encourage and worries and prayers…However, I ai not Neva conceal nuffin I really do or refuse that I was. I wud neva hurt or hurt any pregnant girl particularly not my GF. My mom wud kill me, and I am increase’n 2 blacc lil gurls. & Woman do every thing for me in my own entire life.

At another discussion, the rapper clarifies that disagreements are typical in associations and asserts his own”nosy neighbors” chose their alleged debate from context as though they thought something else was moving on:

In associations folks assert and also have discussions, Whoeva kno is kno we’re assert’n we assert & we Weill constantly assert. It is juss unfortunate dat I’ve nos a** neighbors that can not brain dey own organization. Was not da 1st Tyme and will not b da last.


He lasted at his third conversation to describe his family will get through this scenario:

Im loudly rich blacc and that I have a previous so people estimate but we’ll get beyond dis. . We get thru what we move thru. We household!

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