Rape Case Against 'That 70s Show's Danny Masterson Will Move Forward

Rape Case Against’This 70s Prove’s Danny Masterson Will Move Forward

Danny Masterson will face charges of rape, and a Los Angeles Superior Court Judge has ruled.

Judge Eleanor Hunter rebuffed his attorneys’ argument that Masterson’s situation ought to be pitched under the statute of limitations. 

Masterson has been detained in June of 3 counts of forcible rape. Masterson is outside on a $3.3 million bond. If convicted as according to attacking the 3 girls, he faces a potential maximum sentence of 45 years old in prison.

Back in Junea rep to the celebrity says he resisted the charges .

“Mr. Masterson is naive, and we are convinced he is going to be exonerated with of the signs eventually comes into light and witnesses have the chance to testify,” Masterson’s lawyer said in a statement to CNN.

“Of course, Mr. Masterson and his spouse are in full shock considering these almost 20-year old allegations are abruptly leading to charges being registered, however they and their loved ones have been comforted knowing that finally the truth will emerge. The individuals who understand Mr. Masterson understand his personality and understand exactly the allegations to be untrue,” the announcement continued.

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