Rachel Recchia and Gabby Windey of The Bachelorette unexpectedly postponed their first rose ceremony.

Rachel Recchia and Gabby Windey of The Bachelorette unexpectedly postponed their first rose ceremony.

It’s two for the price of one with the return of The Bachelorette. ET is breaking down everything you need to know with a review of the episode from Monday’s season 19 debut, in which Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia started their quest for love.

Before the women themselves seized over and told viewers that they are leaning into their relationship that they built after both were let down by past Bachelor Clayton Echard, host Jesse Palmer tried to explain how two women were going to date the same 32 boys.

It was then time for the limo entrances, and while some guys managed to manage both women with ease, others gave them unsettling flashbacks to their prior experience on the brand.

Three other males were booted out before the first rose ceremony, but two had initial impressions that were good enough to earn them a rose. Fans will have to wait to find out which other contestants will be eliminated because Gabby and Rachel decided to postpone giving out additional roses so they could speak to other males first.

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What’s the Plan Here?

Jesse acknowledged to the viewers that he’s “I am confident that Gabby and Rachel can solve the problem, but I’m not really sure” what to expect from the season, she reassured everyone. The most crucial thing is that each woman enters with a strategy of her own and supports the others in this odd quest for love.”

Regarding the women themselves, Rachel admitted to being “really heartbroken” following her interaction with Clayton, which Gabby compared to “torture.”

I’m so eager to begin this new chapter with her, Rachel said. “Gabby and I truly picked up the pieces for each other. “I don’t think there’s a doubt in my mind that Gabby and I are going to find our fiancés.” the author said.

The identities of those individuals have still to be determined, but Rachel is looking for a tall, athletic person who makes her laugh, while Gabby wants “to be with someone who can make a decision.”

What happens if only one man satisfies the demands of both women? They both have no response to that, I guess.

While Gabby added, “Dating the same guys is definitely going to be challenging… but with two of us we’re just going to have to figure it out,” Rachel said, “Hopefully I meet my husband, and hopefully it’s not the same one that Rachel wants.”

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A Clown, a Horse, and a Lot of Clayton Talk

Informing both girls that he is “the luckiest guy” to be with them, Zach was the first male to exit the limos. Before Aven made both the girls swoon by giving them each special attention, Rachel found someone who was her “type” with Jason. Then, while talking to Rachel, Jordan H. put headphones on Gabby before doing the same to the other woman.

The next limo entrances were followed by hand-holding, dancing, juggling, and two literal chicks, until Quincy, who goes by Prince, informed the ladies that he hadn’t had sex in more than a year.

Do you know who you’re talking to? Rachel laughed as she questioned Gabby as he walked away, “That makes one of us.” (Clayton and both women visited the Fantasy Suite.)

Then there were not-so-subtly veiled references to Clayton, including Hayden assuring the girls that their concern about their namesake is unfounded, Ryan telling Gabby and Rachel that he’s not like their ex while dressed as a clown, and Alec asking a choir to sing about how awful the medical sales rep is.

As Rachel told the cameras, “the wrong time,” Gabby felt that those men brought up her ex “I think Gabby and I are OK with not hearing Clayton’s name again tonight.”

Then came a meatball fanatic, a man without shoes, a magician, and a Fabio impersonator. By the end of the introductions, both women had met guys they thought fit their ideal profile: Gabby had met Spencer, who made an impact by providing seats for both women, and Rachel had met Tino, who arrived on a forklift.

Initial Observations

Rachel was immediately drawn to Hayden when he sent her a handcrafted birthday card, which she thought was “so special.” She was intrigued by Aven as well because he assured her that he was there to help. Likewise, when he told Rachel about his aspirations for her and displayed his race vehicle, Jordan V. “really surprised” her. However, Tino was the one to get Rachel’s first kiss, and the smitten pilot gushed that it let her “feel better than ever about finding my future partner.”

While this was going on, Gabby spent time with a shirtless Jacob and acquired some Boston slang from Ryan. Jacob also read off his list of criteria for the perfect spouse. Mario was the one she had her first kiss with, despite Gabby’s inability to look away from Jacob’s pecs.

Gabby gushed, “He’s a fantastic kisser. I feel like butterflies around him.

Gabby confessed to her co-lead, “Now I kind of understand how you can have feelings for multiple people.” when the women took a break from catching up with the males to catch up with one another.

That remark was a hint of what was to come, as Gabby and Rachel both had cordial exchanges with Logan and Erich.

Erich said to the cameras after kissing Gabby and having a fantastic conversation with Rachel, “I can see how this is going to get complicated very quickly,”

In the end, Gabby gave her rose to Mario and Rachel gave Tino hers as a first impression.

Just not that into you, here.

Immediately prior to the start of the rose ceremony, twins Joey and Justin Y. as well as magician Roby were requested to have a conversation by Gabby and Rachel. The twins had spoken to both of the women earlier in the evening, a strategy Roby had also employed. The three boys’ plan didn’t work out as they were expelled by Gabby and Rachel.

There will be many times where Gabby and I will have to make difficult decisions, and I think we need to be assertive tonight and really show the guys that we are serious, and when we don’t feel a connection, we don’t, Gabby said to the cameras. Rachel added, “We know how scary it is to put yourself out there, but there are going to be many times where Gabby and I are going to have to make difficult decisions.

As soon as Gabby and Rachel said they were postponing the rose ceremony so they could have more time to talk to everyone, the other men were spared from having to leave on the first night.

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