R. Kelly’s Jury To stay Unknown

The prosecution for R. Kelly’s forthcoming trial will be to stay anonymous, and a judge has ruled.

“The government has recently demonstrated that empaneling an anonymous and partly sequestered jury is justified,” the judge wrote, adding marshals could escort jurors in and from the Brooklyn federal courthouse every day. They’re likewise to be sequestered through all breaks to safeguard them from external influence. 

“Empaneling an anonymous jury is correct given the seriousness of these fees, the defendant’s history of blocking the judicial procedure, the capacity for juror intimidation along with also the seriousness of media attention given to the scenario,” she wrote.

The jurors will be permitted to return home in the close of the evening nonetheless.


Kelly faces different federal racketeering and gender trafficking charges, such as violations of the Mann Act, that prevents trafficking individuals across state lines for prostitution or sexual actions. The disgraced singer has been held without bond in federal prison at Chicago, in which he faces state and federal fees. 

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The celebrity keeps his innocence.

Kelly’s trial had been scheduled to start in federal court in Brooklyn in September but has been postponed rather than extended a set date because of this COVID-19 pandemic.

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