Queensland guy Filipe Mahe asserts Chris Lilley established his Morning Heights High Jonah out of Tonga personality

Queensland man Filipe Mahe claims Chris Lilley based his Summer Heights High Jonah from Tonga character on him

A Queensland man has maintained comedian Chris Lilley established his Jonah out of Tonga personality , which makes him feel”humiliated” and”tapped”.

Filipe Mahe had been a pupil at Canterbury Boys High at Sydney at 2004 if Lilley seen the college to picture an ABC documentary named Our Boys on a bunch of disadvantaged pupils.

After Summer Heights High aired in 2007, Mahe detected a number of uncanny similarities between both Jonah and also himself.

Both came in the underprivileged single-parent household, had a rebellious character, loved dance and have been dyslexic.

In an interview with The Sydney Morning Herald, Mahe who’s currently 33-years-old stated”I understood from this incident that Jonah was .”

“I have always believed it was racism into Tongans but never talked,” he explained.

“I’d have been called a’sook’ or’can not deal with the banter’ therefore that I did not say anything”

Mahe stated that he had been”absolutely humiliated, filled with hatred, mad and manipulated” from the depiction of all Tongan men and women within the show.

“I could 100 percent state that, when any Tongan child was supposed to talk that way for their own parents, they’d have obtained a smack into the mouth area,” he explained.

“We simply don’t talk like that.”

Camera IconChris Lilley’s portrayal of Jonah was portrayed as”vicious and unkind”. Charge: Supplied by Issue

Kerry Brewster who made and led Our Boys stated she recognised resemblances between the 2 boys.

In a post for Sydney Morning Herald she published,”At its portrayal of Jonah, it was cruel, even though this wasn’t Lilley’s intention.”

“It belonged to an audience which still seems condescendingly in Pacific Islanders.”

“Is he embarrassed by how he had been? Absolutely. His father died in an auto crash, his mother is a teenager from the waist , his own sister died from epilepsy — he did not possess the simplest youth. Might be the reason he played ”

Summer Heights High and its founder have come under recent criticism in the aftermath of the Dark Lives Issue movement and improper usage of blackface personalities.

Four of Lilley’s displays are eliminated from Netflix.

” The West Australian has requested comment from Lilley’s agents.

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