Queenpins Ending Explained – Did Connie’s Business Succeed?

Queenpins Ending Explained – Did Connie’s Business Succeed?
Queenpins Ending Explained – Did Connie’s Business Succeed?

Directed and written by Aron Gaudet and Gita Pullapilly, Queenpins is a comedy-drama film released in 2021 and distributed by STXFilms. It stars Kristen Bell in the lead role while Vince Vaughn, Paul Walter Hauser, and Kirby Howell-Baptiste act in the supporting role.

It follows the story of Connie, a 3 time Olympic gold medalist who is dejected with her life. To do something different than conventional, she comes up with the idea of reselling coupons and earn lots of money. However, things don’t go as she planned.

Queenpins throws an enjoyable plot and involves some great acting from the actors. Let’s discuss Queenpins ending explained and know if Connie succeeded in her business.

Queenpins Ending Explained – Did Connie’s Business Succeed?

Queenpins Plot

Connie is a middle-aged woman and former three-time Olympic gold medalist, however, her financial state is in disarray. Not only that but she isn’t able to birth to a child because of fertility issues. By expensive treatment, Connie manages to get pregnant, however, the child suffers the fate of death.

A depressed and dejected Connie breaks down and his husband Rick’s work schedule doesn’t help her either. However, she has a best friend in JoJo, and together, both of them start collecting coupons. One day, Connie writes a letter to a cereal company and complains about the product. In return, they send her a coupon.

She devises a plan to sell these coupons for a lesser price and start making money. However, JoJo believes that writing letters to the company for coupons won’t be a feasible idea. Instead, they can start selling these coupons online.

Queenpins Ending Explained – Did Connie’s Business Succeed?


The duo of friends reached Mexico to meet with the workers of the Advanced Solutions printing facility that prints coupons. Via Alejandra, they learn that some of the coupons get left and destroyed. The duo decides to smuggle these coupons to the USA and then sell them for a low price.

As their business grows, it catches the sniff of higher authorities. Ken, who is a coupon expert tries to crack down on the group. He tries to contact the FBI for the case, however, they term it as a mundane one and don’t get involved. With the business soaring, it doesn’t take much time for Connie to become a millionaire.

The Arrest

To turn their dirty money into a clean one, the group decided to buy and sell cars and guns. Not only that, but Connie also applied for more expensive fertility treatment. Simon, a US postal officer got in contact with Ken to catch the Queenpins.

He ordered a coupon via the website to track their base location. When it arrived, they found that Queenpins were situated in Phoenix. Without wasting any time, the duo reached there and arrested Connie and Jojo.


Connie accepted her crimes and stated that she did it all to bring something unconventional into her life. Not only that, but she was selling the feeling of using coupons to the people. Ken understood her idea but Simon didn’t agree with him.

He is a stern man and wouldn’t bend the rules for anyone. Because of Connie’s confession, Jojo only faced 10 days in jail. During the court trial, Connie’s lawyer also managed to bring the jail time of Connie down to only 11 months.

Queenpins Ending Explained – Did Connie’s Business Succeed?

Queenpins Ending Explained – Did Connie’s Business Succeed?

Ken got enraged over this verdict, however, he later learned that big organizations wanted to close this case as soon as possible. It was a difficult pill to swallow for Ken but the big corporations didn’t want their names appearing in the media.

It was hard for him to move on, but the lesson taught him that you shouldn’t associate your personal life with your professional life. On the other hand, Connie divorced her husband and finally got pregnant.

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