Quavo Seems to Gallop McDonald’s on His ‘Meal’ Deal Sponsorship

Quavo Appears to Pitch McDonald's on His Own 'Meal' Deal Sponsorship

Quavo Seems to wanT Function as Following Travis Scott or J Balvin… up to Burgers go.

The Migos rapper only posted some pics of himself in a McDonald’s — in which he is ordering his go-to preferred meal. From the looks of this this appears to be a direct apology to the Golden Arches for a possible venture — comparable to what they have been performing with artists recently.

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Quavo’s very own”meal deal” would comprise… a simple double cheeseburger, their fresh hot McNuggets, a moderate fry and a barbecue sauce. ) The lineup McDonald’s workers can shout out to potential Quavo-inspired clients…”What U Want???” Has a great ring to it!

He posted an abysmal shot of exactly what the food package resembles from his POV — it ai not just as specialist and touched-up because J Balvin’s snowball shoot, or even the inaugural Travis meal which kicked this entire tendency off for this thing, but hey… it is a beginning concept.

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Nowadays, if Quavo is attempting to will a McDonald’s bargain to existence, there is a huge issue from that which we could see. Dude forgot to label @McDonalds!!! C’mon, bruh… that is advertising 101.

Overall, however… here is hoping they hear about that via the patty assembly line.

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