Quarantine escapee utilized ladder to flee, located hiding in girlfriend cabinet

Quarantine escapee used ladder to flee, found hiding in girlfriend’s cupboard

A resort quarantine escapee who had used a ladder to flee would function a minumum of one month from prison although claiming he needed a fantastic excuse to depart.

Yusuf Karakaya returned WA by a visit to Sydney about July 29 and has been ordered to simmer for a couple of weeks in the Mercure Hotel in Perth.

Rather, Karakaya was able to start up the window of the third-floor hotel space, then walked into a roof area and forced his way upward.

Months after, he returned using a ladder also used it to return back in to his area, Perth Magistrates Court heard.

Karakaya repeatedly employed the ladder during the upcoming few days.

After resort staff had builders eliminate the ladder August 1, Karakaya had someone bring him a different one.

The following day, authorities discovered Karakaya hiding in a bedroom cabinet at his girlfriend Medina house.

He informed the officers that it had been her birthdayand when he didn’t seen , he’d be in trouble.

Circuit attorney Gary Rodgers stated that his client had tested negative to coronavirus.

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Karakaya pleaded guilty to four counts of failing to comply with a police order.

He had been sentenced to six weeks plus 1 day in prison but will probably just need to serve 1 month instantly.

The rest of the paragraph was suspended 12 weeks ).

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