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Qualcomm says that 5G Android phones will hit the market during the 2019 holidays

Qualcomm is hosting its annual technology conference in Maui this week. Regarding the conference, Qualcomm has gathered its partners Samsung, Verizon and AT&T with 350 reporters and analysts to reveal its latest technologies and 5G networks and devices.

On Tuesday, Qualcomm with one of its technology partners, Samsung displayed prototypes of 5G devices. These devices that were displayed at the conference will run on “live” 5G networks from Verizon and AT&T. Qualcomm also shared some of the details about its upcoming smartphone processor, the Snapdragon 855.

As per the reports, the following hardware companies are working with Qualcomm on 5G devices,  Asus, Fujitsu, Google, HMD, HTC, InSeeGo, LG, Motorola, Netgear, NetComm Wireless, OnePlus, Oppo, Samsung, Sharp, Sierra Wireless, Sony, Telit, Vivo, WingTech, WNC, Mi and ZTE. And the carrier partners that are working around the globe to give a push to the 5G technology are AT&T, Verizon and Sprint in the US and China Mobile and various others in Asia and Europe.

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Senior vice president of device and network experiences at AT&T, Kevin Petersen addressed the reporters at the Snapdragon Technology Summit on Tuesday.  Mr. Petersen during a roundtable with reporters said that the percentage of phones that will be 5G enabled in 2019 in the US will be in the “low single digits.”

While Verizon chief network engineering officer and head of the wireless network, Nicki Palmer on Tuesday told the reporters that until the next holidays season, almost all Android phone makers will have 5G devices. Though chief network engineering officer informed about the 5G compatible smartphones soon hitting the market, no information was shared by her regarding what percentage of all smartphones will have 5G in 2019.

“Like any new technology, it’s our intent to make this exciting enough and at the right value proposition where customers will want the latest device with the best network and the 5G ultrawide-band network we’re providing,” Palmer said Tuesday. “We’re deploying as fast as we can.”

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When Palmer was asked about the impact of Apple not coming up with a 5G phone next year, Palmer said she doesn’t know.

“Apple’s got a following,” Palmer said. “We’re here to serve customers with the devices they want. We’ll continue to do that.”

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