QMS launches Impulse across revitalised 7-Eleven advertisement portfolio

QMS launches Impulse across revitalised 7-Eleven ad portfolio

External media firm QMS has established Impulse, which can provide brands with greater transparency, responsibility, immediacy and innovative versatility, over its revitalised 7-Eleven marketing portfolio.

QMS procured the exclusive sales and marketing rights for 7-Eleven six weeks ago and has experienced’significant investment’ to reevaluate the little format digital system that currently provides 100% total motion digital screens using lively ad serving capabilities.

All electronic panels are currently part of the business’s market measurement system MOVE, and also to help entrepreneurs better understand and target the Impulse viewer, five exceptional customer segments are introduced, providing improved planning capacities and increased responsibility.

Impulse technologies was updated to integrate dynamic ad serving capabilities, providing flexibility, immediacy and increased significance in messaging, whereas distributing confirmation offers absolute transparency and hope for advertisers.


QMS Media CMO, Sara Lappage commented about the launching saying”We’re eager to deliver a refreshed and midsize electronic small format system to advertise, that provides quality participation and consciousness much wider than its conventional petro/convenience class caked.

“Australians like to frequent their regional 7-Eleven for everyday principles, much more so from the present climate, and it’s their location at the center of local communities, so making Impulse so powerful. With the advantage of viewers measurement and confirmation, Impulse is known as a cost effective little format chance to drive brand recognition and new building across a variety of products and categories.

“With 91percent of Australians residing within 5kms of a 7-Eleven shop * and also the capability to reach over 9 million connections each fortnight**, it’s no surprise that brands including Amazon, AAMI, Nissan and Optus watch the ability of a broadcast system that produces recency, localisation and advantage at scale”

*According to capital associations, excluding Adelaide. **MOVE according to Total PCA, Folks 14+, over 14 days.

The QMS Impulse network is currently reside across 480 panels in 7-Eleven stores nationwide.

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