QAnon’s JFK Jr.. Conspiracy Theory Foiled, No Dallas Rally This Weekend

QAnon's JFK Jr. Conspiracy Theory Foiled, No Dallas Rally This Weekend

A landmark evening on QAnon’s ridiculous conspiracy theory-filled calendar is all going to be washed off just like the BS it’s — as, no more… JFK Jr. is NOT coming back to rally President Trump.

John F. Kennedy‘s lifeless son — John F. Kennedy Jr. — has been trending that weekend… to figure out exactly how kooky the QAnon audience is and exactly what they think. Among the main prophecies… which John Jr. is really living, also around Oct. 17, 2020 (on this day) — he would be declared since DT’s running partner in a rally at Dallas… replacement Mike Pence.

do not forget. . .there’s not a Trump rally in Dallas now https://t.co/VTee2Z9ncR

— Matt Binder (@MattBinder) October 17, 2020 @MattBinder

2 significant problems with this… regrettably, JFK Jr. has not been with us for decades — if you are oblivious, he (together with his spouse, Carolyn, along with her sister) died in an airplane accident 1999 while he had been moving a personal aircraft in New Jersey to Massachusetts, to their way into some Kennedy marriage.

QAnon followers believe John faked his death and was in hiding this entire moment. Unclear why or how people think he had all of a sudden resurrect right now and combine, of all folks, Donald Trumpsaid Bear in mind, his dad was a Democrat… and so was his own son. The man even gave a keynote speech in the 1988 Democratic National Convention.

Besides maybe some photo-ops the Donald and John introduced for together in the day when living/working at NYC — there is practically no connection or association between them both.

Above all… there is no Dallas rally planned for Saturday. Trump’s really heading into Janesville, WI — but he will be nowhere close to the Lone Star State. There seems to have been a Dallas rally in this time last season — but whomever called a replica screwed up.

It seems the concept was tweaked last couple of years to maintain bumping out the afternoon QAnon’s Messiah will go back. Search for something at 2021,y’all of…’cause it ai not occurring.

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