How to Make Secure Usage of Putlocker in 2023?


Putlocker is a database of TV episodes and films that makes it easier to discover and view content online. Several mirror sites under the moniker Putlocker have sprung online since the original site in the UK was shut down. This post will cover how to utilize Putlocker as well as the safety and legal issues you need to be aware of.

What Distinguishes Putlocker from Netflix and Other Streaming Services?

There is a monthly subscription price for Netflix and other streaming services. In addition to paying for the rights to all the content, this enables them to remain ad-free. With Putlocker and other comparable websites, that isn’t the case.

Neither does Putlocker demand a subscription nor does it pay the licensing fees. Putlocker employs advertisements to help sell its material, as is the case with other movie streaming websites. The majority of these advertisements are pop-unders, which means that they appear in a separate browser window that remains open until you close it.

A built-in advertisement may occasionally play before your video on Putlocker. Nevertheless, as Putlocker only indexes content that is housed on external servers throughout the world, this relies on the source of the video you’re streaming.


It is acceptable to stream pirated content in nations such as Switzerland and Canada. Hosting pirated content there is however still against the law. However, it’s difficult to dismiss Putlocker because it merely serves as an index and doesn’t host any videos. Also, the website that carries the TV show would be held liable if you downloaded it illegally.

It is prohibited to view pirated content in various nations, including the US and the EU. So, in this scenario, the end user is likewise exposed to legal action. This implies that it is not advised for you to visit any Putlocker websites while in these countries unless you are sufficiently able to conceal your online presence.

Putlocker may, however, also make use of legal shortcomings. They can be seen as legitimate in some nations with laxer piracy laws as they don’t host files on their own servers. You won’t encounter any issues when viewing Putlocker websites from anywhere in the world as long as you have sufficient protection to conceal your genuine identity.

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Putlocker Security

If you remember to abide by these guidelines, utilizing Putlocker should be secure for you:

  • Don’t click any of the pop-up advertisements.
  • Disable the frequently occurring forced redirects.
  • Please don’t download anything from these websites.

It will be quite challenging for the common user to browse a Putlocker site safely if they don’t adhere to these principles. Before you can take any action, malware might be downloaded onto your system by even an unintentional click on one of the pop-ups or redirected websites. Most of the time, you won’t even be aware of the secret download procedure.

Your IP address and other information, such as your location, are also accessible to website hosts. Our personal information may be exploited because we don’t know who is actually hosting these sites. To ensure your safety, we advise using security tools such as VPNs and ad blockers before visiting Putlocker websites.

How to Get Putlocker Downloads

Downloading movies from Putlocker gives you the ability to store and view your stuff while you’re not connected to the internet.

Finding a video downloading program that enables you to download video streams from websites like YouTube or Putlocker is necessary for this.

Finding the Putlocker URL for the video you want to download is required after you have downloaded and installed the program of your choosing. If you copy and paste it into your downloading tool, it ought to prompt you to choose from a variety of resolutions and formats.

Safe Ways to Utilize Putlocker

Putlocker is essentially a streaming service that is integrated into a website. Anyone with internet access can browse the site’s home page and quickly search through thousands of movies and TV episodes.

If you’re having difficulties deciding which movie to watch, the website even offers you suggestions and related titles.

Finding a movie you want to watch, clicking on it, giving it a few seconds to load, and then pressing Play are all that are required to stream movies with Putlocker.

However, accessing the website can be a little risky because streaming movies might be against the law depending on your nation’s copyright laws. The advertising mentioned above also runs the risk of damaging your computer if they are clicked by mistake.

In light of this, we advise adhering to these instructions to get your browser ready for viewing or downloading through Putlocker.

1. Run an Ad Blocker

Installing and installing an ad-blocker on your browser is essential while using any streaming website, such as Putlocker. This will shield you from a variety of obnoxious advertisements, such as pop-up and pop-under adverts that can be seen on the Putlocker website.

2. Employ a Tracker Blocker

Certain websites utilize scripts that can follow your behavior long after you leave their home page, which you might not be aware of. Thus, it’s essential to install a tracker blocker to instantly terminate tracking scripts in order to protect your identity and actions at all times.

3. Use Antivirus Software to Safeguard Your Computer

Using a reliable anti-virus tool is essential for remaining safe online. When streaming movies and television shows from Putlocker, the basic version that comes preinstalled on the majority of computer operating systems should be adequate. Simply be sure to keep it on. Moreover, performing routine scans is beneficial.

4. Prevent Using Mobile Browsers for Streaming

The safety and security of a desktop-based web browser with the appropriate extensions loaded are superior to that of even the greatest and most secure mobile browsers. So, it’s advised to only download or stream videos from Putlocker when using a desktop-based browser, unless you have no other option.

5. To Stream Content Securely, Use a VPN

By bypassing all of your data through a secure server and encrypting all outgoing traffic, a VPN secures all of your data. As the server you are accessing won’t even be able to see your real IP address, none of your information, including the network you are using, your system, or your location, will be at risk. The only information that will be exposed, however, is that of the VPN server you are utilizing to connect.

In essence, a VPN provides an additional degree of security to your connection anytime you use a public or private network. As a result, no one else can access your information while it is being transported between your device and a network server.

Also, this means that internet users can utilize a VPN to access content and streaming services that are blocked in their region.

VPN to Use with Putlocker

When you browse the internet, or at the very least when you use Putlocker, you should be utilizing a VPN.

Since NordVPN is by far the most secure VPN available, we advise using it. It contains numerous security measures, such as kill switches that preserve your privacy in the event of a connection or power outage and bank-grade encryption.

If Putlocker is restricted in your nation, you can still view it by using a VPN. Similar to how a VPN would safeguard your identity and possibly shield you from law authorities if you were in a nation where it was prohibited to stream stolen content.

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