Punjab Educare: How To Download for Android & I Phone

punjab educare

The Punjab Government’s Department of School Education launched the Punjab Educare Mobile App to allow pupils to study at home during the Covid-19 lockdown. Due to the pandemic, schools were forced to close, and digital instruction was the only option for teachers. Students can get the Punjab Educare app from the Google Play store.

After being free of the epidemic, schools and classes resumed as usual, but the Punjab government wants to stick with the decision due to the popularity of this Mobile App.

Following the introduction of digital classrooms via various TV/radio channels such as YouTube, WhatsApp, Skype/Zoom, and so on, the state education department will introduce the Punjab Educare Mobile app online.

How Does the Punjab Educare App Work?

punjab educare

To utilize the Punjab Educare App, follow the procedures outlined below.

Step 1: Get the Punjab educare app.

To get the Educare app, go to the Play Store on your smartphone and search for and install the Punjab Edu Care app.

Step 2: Launch the Educare app.

Open the EduCare app and press the proceed button.

Step 3: Open the Punjab educare app and navigate to the student’s corner.

At the students’ corner, there are options ranging from 6th to 12th grade.

Step 4: Choose a class.

Choose the course in which you will study.

Step 5: After deciding on a class, decide on a subject.

Choose the subject you wish to learn more about.

Step 6: Now select any option that best suits your needs.

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App Punjab Educare

punjab educare

  • Punjab Educare is a learning app. It provides free access to all study materials created by the Punjab Department of Education staff.
  • The Punjab School Education Department created this great tool. Especially for kids and teachers in Punjab’s government schools.
  • The Educare app is a one-stop shop for solving the problem of inaccessible study material. It provides regularly scheduled study materials such as textbooks, video lessons, and daily tasks for all topics.
  • Educare Punjab strives to alleviate students’ concerns about losing valuable study materials provided by the education department on a daily basis.
  • As a repository for all learning materials, the app Punjab will be a valuable resource for both teachers and students.
  • It allows professors and students to easily access the syllabus, textbooks in PDF format, video lectures, worksheets, assignments, quizzes, and so on.
  • It will allow both the teacher and the students to review any topic at any time.
  • Educare Punjab is simple to use and promotes excellent collaboration between teachers and students. The app includes features such as “Teachers’ Station,” “Students’ Corner,” “Word of the Day,” and “Udaan.”

Download Punjab Educare App & Login: Punjab Educare Online

punjab educare

Login and download the app: Friends, now I will tell you all about the Panjab Educare app in this article. You will know that education has been disrupted all over the world due to Covid-19 last year, and as a result, children do not complete their studies well.

However, in response to the directions of Punjab Government Education Minister Vijay Inder Singla, Education Secretary Krishna Kumar launched an online mobile application called Punjab Educare online, which will be extremely beneficial to kids.

Through this software, all Punjab students may do their studies online while sitting at home for free, and kids will no longer have any problems with their academics because they can study online from anywhere. This app is utilized by lakhs of students and professors.

and is finishing his studies This software has been downloaded by over 15 lakh individuals so far, and all such users include students doing their studies and professors teaching pupils. You can download this app as well.

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And You Can Advance Your Research in This Corona Epidemic.

punjab educare

You will have access to all of the features found in applications such as Google Classroom and G Meet, as well as Zoom, in Punjab Education Teachers Corner, where all of your pupils from Nursery to 12th can learn if you are also a student.

And if you want to continue your studies using this app, it answers, then read on until the conclusion.


In addition, the state education department has initiated a “capacity building” program to increase the rate of qualitative improvement in education.

It has begun a series of webinars to provide online training to officials and teachers. A team of education department resource personnel is providing training for the most recent information technology programs, including Punjab Educare.

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