PUBG Mobile 0.17.0 update: How to get unreleased version before anyone else?

PUBG Mobile 0.17.0 update: How to get unreleased version before anyone else?

PUBG Mobile players are being treated with frequent updates of late, introducing new features, weapons and game modes to enhance the gaming experience. Now, the developers of the popular battle-royale mobile title want some of its players to see what’s to come before anyone else. This is made possible by recruiting beta testers.

Majority of PUBG Mobile players are currently on 0.16.0 update and soon to receive 0.16.5 update with Season 11 changes among other new features. But some users have the opportunity to get selected as a beta tester, which will give them access to unreleased features in the game before the world sees them.

How to become PUBG Mobile beta tester?

PUBG Mobile has opted an unconventional method for its beta testing program. Instead of using the native beta program on App Store called TestFlight or on Play Store, PUBG Mobile is recruiting who can be a part of its exclusive beta club. While anyone can apply to become a PUBG Mobile beta tester, the PUBG Mobile team has the final say.

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PUBG Mobile players can apply for beta tester program by filling out a survey form [HERE] and confirming the age.

PUBG Mobile beta test form requires players to answer questions like current account level, in-game user ID, highest rank, season and more.

Players are also asked which platform they are playing the game in, iOS or Android. If it is the former, then the player must select the iPhone model and in case of Android then the processor must be selected.

After filling out the form, when the player hits the submit option, PUBG Mobile team will receive the application. If selected, the player will be contacted via email.

PUBG Mobile 0.17.0: Expected features

PUBG Mobile 0.17.0 update is a big one and bound to bring several new features, including weapons, maps and more. The upcoming update in the game is expected to bring new features like a lantern to help in day/night mode, drone inside a Super Box to spy on enemies, cold weather, animals such as deer and hen, pain killer dispenser and the ability to throw pan and crowbar.

Once we get access to PUBG Mobile beta program, we’ll be sure to test it and report our findings.

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Word of caution

Before signing up as a beta tester, players must remember two things. PUBG Mobile beta versions are buggy compared to the stable version. Unless you have a secondary account or keenness to see PUBG Mobile’s new features, it’s not such a good idea to enrol for the beta.

Besides occasional bugs, you won’t be able to play with your friends on a lower version of the game. Teaming up as a squad or duo in PUBG Mobile requires all players to be on the same version. But it is likely that players will get a separate beta app for testing, so the regular gameplay won’t be affected. Only thing is you’d end up with two PUBG Mobile files on the phone, using up your precious storage.

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