Psycho, The Grudge & Horror Movies around Peacock

Psycho, The Grudge & More Horror Movies on Peacock

There is nothing like curling up with a popcorn and placing a great horror film –spooky season or maybe not –and today you can do this thanks to Peacock’s generous supply of frightening flicks.

The NBCUniversal streaming agency is house to legendary classics and contemporary favorites equally, so there is really something for each sort of terror fan!  By genre-definers like Psycho and The Birds into the franchises which have virtually created groups of their own such as The Purge, you are guaranteed to end up streaming terrifying movies year round.

Not so certain where to begin? Do not worry–we have rounded up a listing of each and every horror film on Peacock.

One of the numerous offerings: Sinister, Vertigo, You are Next, The Grudge,” American Psycho. . .the list continues on ! But you may even have a trip back into this 1930so with Frankenstein (as well as naturally, the both brilliant Bride of Frankenstein and Son of Frankenstein! ) ) . 

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