PS5 pre-order | Which UK merchants have PlayStation 5 accessible?

PS5 price | How much will the Playstation 5 cost?

We eventually know all there is to learn regarding the PlayStation 5 following what seems like an eternity of waiting. While we’ve understood about the specs of this machine and the way it seems for a while now, the cost and the launch have remained a puzzle.

Though the Xbox collection X cost was shown recently, Sony lovers were left waitinguntil tonight that is. Have every detail, PS5 matches, supported specs and price, and also the biggest issue ishow can we get our hands on you?

Nicely, with problem. GAME,” Smyths, Amazon along with the normal retailers went with inventory instantly but it was immediately snapped up.

There are just two consoles accessible that the PlayStation 5 (Number 449. 99) along with an electronic PS5 variant (Number 349. 99).

This is all you have to learn about the way to interrogate the PS5.

So when Can I pre-order the PlayStation 5? )

Pre-orders have really gone now (17th September), however there appears to be a couple of problems with sites demonstrating a PS5 webpage to purchase but no merchandise as it had been snapped up so fast.

Mostly, pre-orders can only be purchased for the normal PS5 rather than the more affordable digital edition.

Where do I pre-order the PlayStation 5? )

Smyths — reside but from stock. Really — reside but from stock. Amazon UK — reside but from stock. Currys PC World — pre-orders currently LIVE Argos — pre-orders go on 18th September. GAME — pre-orders reside, promising packages, but sold outside

We will update you as more shops get inventory and as soon as it will become available. We plan to look at this frequently, but it is worth checking the aforementioned to determine if stock has arrived back !

PS5 pre-order UK


Currys PC World



Smyths Toys

PS5 pre-order USA

PS5 Accessories

in addition to the PS5 console accessories also have gone available. There is the DualSense Controller, the Pulse 3D headphone along with the Media Remote.

DualSense Controller

GAME — Number 59. 99

Really — Number 59. 99

Smyths Toys — Number 49. 99

DualSense Charging Station

Really — Number 24. 99

Smyths Toys — Number 24. 99 from inventory

HD Camera


Really — Number 49. 99

Smyths Toys — Number 49. 99

PS5 Media Remote

GAME Number 24. 99

Really #24. 99

Smyths Toys — Number 24. 99

Pulse 3D Headset

GAME — not accessible

Really — Number 89. 99

Smyths Toys — Number 89. 99

PlayStation 4 bargains

Perhaps you’re yet to combine the PlayStation planet and are thinking about investing an old console in contrast to the brand new new one. If that’s the case, below are a few bargains for your PlayStation 4 which you might be considering.

For further help, have a look at our comparison to the PS5 vs PS4.

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