Ps5 Hacks that Make Your Console Much Better: All of Your Ps5 Information Needed!

PS5 hacks that make your console MUCH better

Even though the PlayStation 5 has been on the market for well over a year, it is still tough to find in stores due to demand.

That is comprehensible. What exactly else other games can you do with it? It has a spectacular skyscraper appearance and provides genuinely cutting-edge technology. For everyone who recently bought a PS5 or the PS5 Digital Edition, we’ve posted a useful guide with the best advice we could locate.

How to Put a Disc Into the Play Station 5

PS5 hacks that make your console MUCH better

Putting a disc into the PlayStation 5’s drive doesn’t always go the way that makes the most sense given that this is how the device is best utilized. This may seem like an odd piece of advice.

The Blu-ray or game should be turned such that the top is facing the left and the console’s main body. Some might say it’s obvious, but when we first tried, we didn’t think so.

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How to Create Game Settings

The PS5’s ability to create global settings that let you choose defaults for new games when you start them is a handy tool. This suggests that you can tell games to start with the Medium difficulty setting or to always run in Performance mode, for example, if you desire higher frame rates. Make your selections by going to Settings, saving data, and then choosing Game/App Settings.

How to Make Sure a Game Is on The Ps5 Version, Not the Ps4 Version

It was challenging to be sure you were playing the next-gen version of a game in the early PS5 days when both versions of a game were available for download. This is been fixed as a result of software updates. The game’s version is now denoted on your home screen with a logo. If you mistakenly installed the PS4 version, you can quickly download the PS5 version from your library. Additionally, Sony has made sure that when you buy a game, the newer version downloads right away, which is advantageous.

If you already have a big collection of PS4 games linked to your PlayStation account or have downloaded several PS Plus Collection games, you can limit the list so that only native PS5 games are displayed.

Select the filter option on the left after clicking the Game Library icon in the top bar of the home screen (has a downward around on it). After selecting Platform, check PS5. All PS5 games are now visible in your library. Other platforms allow for the same thing to happen.

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How to make a library list of only PS5 games

PS5 hacks that make your console MUCH better

So that you can have more room for your games and applications, Sony has now enabled the PS5’s ability to accept an additional internal SSD. Although the process is actually quite simple, you can get a detailed description of how to accomplish it right here.

Additionally, we’ve put together a list of the top internal PS5 SSD options so you can avoid being taken advantage of by an overpriced drive.

How to download PS4 games to a flash drive

When an external drive is put in and switched on, you can move PS4 games and applications from the internal disc to the external one.

Navigate to Settings first, then scroll down to choose Storage. After that, click Console Storage. Once there, click the Games and Apps tag.

How to play Dolby Atmos and bitstream audio on 4K Ultra HD Blu-rays

For DVDs, Blu-rays, and 4K Blu-rays, the PS5 can output bitstream audio over HDMI, allowing your AV receiver, surround system, or soundbar to independently decode the signal. The PS5 can play DVDs, Blu-rays, and 4K Blu-rays but does not directly support Dolby Atmos. The only problem is that the option isn’t available in the default PS5 settings, so you have to choose it manually

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How to move files between a PS4 and a PS5

PS5 hacks that make your console MUCH better

If you currently own a PlayStation 4 and want to set up your PS5 with the same settings and loaded games, you can transfer files from your PS4 to the new PlayStation 5 using your local network.

Make sure the most recent system updates are installed on both consoles first. Additionally, you must confirm that your Trophies are linked (by pressing options when viewing your Trophies and selecting Sync with PlayStation Network).

Establishing the Parental Controls on The Ps5

It is possible to implement parental controls for any children who use the PlayStation 5. Age restrictions on the content, playtime monitoring, the option to set spending limits on shared wallets, and communication feature restrictions are a few of them.

You can set them on the console itself or on a PC, Mac, or mobile device using the built-in browser. For the latter, go to the Sony website’s account administration section. After that, click on Family Management. You may change all the parental controls for each child’s PlayStation account from there.

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