Proud Boys Supporter Warns’Civil War’ May Break If Trump Loses Election | National

Proud Boys Supporter Warns ‘Civil War’ Could Break Out If Trump Loses Election | National

A movie of some Proud Boys supporter has surfaced claiming there’ll probably be a”civil war” if Donald Trump is not re-elected in November.

Newsweek reports that writer and celebrity Walter Masterson published a chunk of some self-proclaimed supporter of these white supremacist hate group. The dialogue apparently happened through a Trump recent rally at Staten Island.

The guy, who’s drunk, compared to Proud Boys into the Marines stating,”We are similar to the Marines, we are the first to emerge ” 

Masterson is observed asking the guy the way the Proud Boys responded to Trump’s”return and stand from” remarks generated during the first presidential debate regarding which he said that the team thinks the president is telling them how “wait for his requests.”

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“And that is exactly what we are awaiting,” the guy opinions.

The Trump supporter subsequently provides a warning about what’s going to occur if Trump doesn’t win the election in November.

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“In case Trump does not become re-elected, there is likely to be quite a riot. If he does not get chosen, this can be if you are likely to find that a civil war,” he states. “My recommendations to anybody stock up on ammo, get your firearms.” The meeting then blows off.

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