Prince William Had a “Great Night” at A Gay Restaurant in Poland – Watch how The Employees Celebrated His Visit!

Prince William Had a "Great Night" at A Gay Restaurant in Poland - Watch how The Employees Celebrated His Visit!

Surprise! On his tour to Poland, Prince William was a casual client at an LGBTQ-friendly restaurant.

Wednesday evening, the Prince of Wales, age 40, was spotted at the Butero Restaurant in Warsaw. The Daily Mail claims that the British monarch ordered “kanapka w chalce”  — a $9 sandwich stuffed with pulled pork and accompanied with fries and garlic mayonnaise — from the restaurant, which markets itself as “your queerspace with comfort food.”

On his two-day tour of Poland, Prince William’s crew booked a dinner reservation near where they were working, and he asked to participate, resulting in a “fantastic night.”

A Butero Bistro team member was seen pasting a homemade “Prince William” sign on a wooden chair at a long table in an Instagram video.

The caption stated, “We are also startled, but where else would he feel nice and safe besides in our gay and loving space?” We did what we do best, which is feeding, and the rest is history.

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Same-sex marriages and civil unions are not recognised in Poland, which, according to ILGA-Europe, is the worst country for the LGBTQ community in the European Union. Prince William has supported the LGBTQ community in the past by criticising homophobic bullying on the cover of Attitude magazine and by visiting groups committed to reducing homelessness among LGBTQ youngsters.

The restaurant visit occurred on the first day of Prince William’s unannounced visit to Poland. The prince visited the country to express gratitude for the people’s “compassion and kindness” during the conflict in neighbouring Ukraine.

Prince William Had a "Great Night" at A Gay Restaurant in Poland - Watch how The Employees Celebrated His Visit!

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The Prince of Wales spent Wednesday afternoon with British and Polish troops assisting in the training of Ukrainian forces. He then travelled to Warsaw to visit some of the 300 Ukrainian women and children who are being sheltered in a converted office building as newly arrived immigrants.

Aides said that Prince William and his wife, Kate Middleton, have been following the Ukrainian situation since its inception and have maintained a conversation with Ukraine’s president and first lady.

“Yet, he desired to look into the eyes of the Polish people and express his gratitude for all they had done. This is the primary message he conveyed to the Polish and British troops “his spokeswoman told Media.

Prince William Had a "Great Night" at A Gay Restaurant in Poland - Watch how The Employees Celebrated His Visit!

Prince of Wales visited the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and met with Poland President Andrzej Duda in the Presidential House on Thursday. Following the discussion, a representative for Prince William informed reporters that “the chat was cordial and focused mostly on the current issue with the war in Ukraine, particularly its impact on Polish society.”

The prince then proceeded to a lively dining hall in the heart of Warsaw, where he met a group of well-wishers, including three pals, two of whom had travelled three hours by train to see him. Marta Zegarek, age 26, held up a placard that read, “Thank you, William, for your visit.”

Zegarek tells Media, “We informed him we were from the south of Poland and that we greatly appreciate his visit.” “We are pleased that he recognises that we and Ukraine are in this together.”

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