Pricilla Presley’s Plastic Surgery Gone Too Far? Here’s What We Know!

pricilla presley plastic surgery

Even though she is a successful businesswoman and actress, Elvis Presley’s ex-wife Priscilla Presley may be best known as his ex-wife. Her businesses include a line of perfumes and a store that sold clothes to the rich and famous. She was also in charge of making Graceland a famous place for tourists to visit.

She became well-known as an actress on both TV and in movies. You may have seen her in shows like Dallas and Touched by an Angel or in the Naked Gun movies.

But being famous costs something. Fans of Presley know that there have been many false rumors about her plastic surgery. She also had bad experiences with a well-known fake plastic surgeon. With so much speculation, it’s hard to tell what’s true and what’s not. We decided to do a little more research to find out if and how much Priscilla Presley has had plastic surgery.

Pricilla Presley Had Botox Injection in 2003

pricilla presley plastic surgery

One thing that is known for sure is that Presley fell for an injectable scam in 2003. Daniel Serrano, an attractive doctor from Argentina, got the attention of many Hollywood A-listers when he said he could give injections that were better than Botox.

In reality, he put cheap industrial silicone into the faces of women and some men. This silicone was like the kind used to grease car parts in Argentina, so the shady Serrano got the name “Dr. Jiffy Lube.” The non-FDA-approved injections cost between $300 and $500 each, and the people who got them got paralysis, lumps, and even holes in their skin.

Serrano was found guilty of drug smuggling, conspiracy, and using drugs that were not approved by the FDA. He was not licensed to practice medicine in the United States.

How She Became Victim of Countless Rumors?

Sad to say, many people who can’t be trusted have used what happened to Priscilla Presley to spread rumors about plastic surgery. Closer Weekly, the National Enquirer, and RadarOnline have all made fun of the actress by making guesses about what procedures she may have had.

2016’s Unproven Rumors of Health Crises

In December 2016, the National Enquirer said that Elvis Presley was facing a “health crisis” because of the botched injections. This was not true. An unnamed “friend” said that Presley was “overdoing it with all the plastic surgery,” and the outlet made fun of her appearance by saying, “She now looks positively skeletal, with sunken cheeks, grotesquely puckered lips, and scarring on the sides of her mouth.”

It didn’t say exactly what kind of plastic surgery Presley might have had besides Serrano’s scam, but it was clear that it was her fault that she chose to get it. The news source also said that these procedures had unknown but terrible health effects.

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Did She Receive Botox and Fillers?

pricilla presley plastic surgery

In July 2018, Closer Weekly shared the opinions of plastic surgeons, none of whom had worked on Presley. They said that she had Botox, fillers, and maybe even a rhinoplasty to keep her looking young.

There’s no reason to think that Elvis is “a slave to surgery.”
RadarOnline said that an unnamed source called Presley “a slave to surgery” and said that a skin cancer procedure in February 2019 made her “obsession with plastic surgery” even worse. This source says that cancerous tissue was taken out of the bridge of Presley’s nose. She allegedly got “fixated” on getting rid of the scars from that surgery, which led her to get plastic surgery.

RadarOnline also said that these surgeries had ruined her looks. We think it’s pretty low to criticize someone’s appearance after they’ve been treated for cancer.

The National Enquirer said in May 2022 that Presley may have had multiple face-lifts, laser treatments, and lip and cheek fillers. It also said, in a cruel way, that Serrano’s botched injections had ruined her beauty for good. To back up these claims, the Enquirer used quotes from surgeons who had never worked with Presley.

None of these sources can be trusted when they say something. All of them come from sources that can’t be trusted or aren’t named.

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There Has Been No Confirmed Plastic Surgery

pricilla presley plastic surgery

Priscilla Presley hasn’t talked about any plastic surgery other than the botched fillers. The sources who say that she has don’t seem to be reliable. None of the reports we’ve looked at are quite reliable or authoritative sources. Instead, they rely on the opinions of plastic surgeons who have never worked on Presley or quote unnamed sources whose reliability cannot be confirmed. We have no reason to believe these claims, especially since the news sources aren’t very reliable.

Instead, it seems much more likely that any changes in how Elvis Presley looks are due to him getting older. We are all getting older, and as people get older, their faces do change. We don’t think that Presley looks all that different from how she did when she was younger. We hope to be as beautiful at 77 as she is.

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