President Trump’s Voice Sounds Bad During White House Speech

President Trump's Voice Sounds Terrible During White House Speech
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President Trump‘s voice Seems Just a little worse for wear, and it could be due to back-to-back rallies to Showcase his post-COVID condition… or Maybe the lingering Consequences of This virus.

POTUS had been beating the New York Economic Club in The White House Wednesday afternoon if he cleared his neck… and also the hoarseness just got worse because he kept speaking.

The attention of his speech also appeared to worsen because he rambled… however nothing new there.

Obviously, Trump’s newest White House address follows two consecutive nights of rallies from Pennsylvania and Florida. As we mentioned… that he held a gigantic rally at Sanford, FL Monday on the heels of declaring he had tested negative for coronavirus twice.

Throughout the rally, the Prez made asserts he is resistant to COVID today, and implied he would be down to kiss everybody in the crowd. He made comparable boasts and opinions Tuesday night at Johnstown, PA… and a lot of other baseless claims.

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You will remember… just over a week back he fought to breathe after being discharged from the hospital along with scaling the WH staircase. Now, he is on stage acting as if it was no biggie.

Physicians had cautioned after Trump was away from his hefty dose of steroidshe might have a turn for the worse because steroids hide symptoms.

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