President Trump Claims COVID Vaccine Will Not Visit NY State, Gov. Cuomo Responds

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4:27 PM PT — Well, that was Quick.

Cuomo responded by basically saying it is not around POTUS which says purchase the vaccine… including,”I do not believe the FDA will play games now. So I do not expect any real matter.” Cuomo also appears to understand the origin of Trump’s anger… but which makes it crystal clear New Yorkers will probably NOT be bullied.

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President Trump has surfaced great news — that the entire nation will probably be getting exactly the COVID-19 vaccine next spring, and in case you Reside in NY… where all you are getting is evidenced from the Trump v. Cuomo warfare.

The President made his first public comments since the election,” Friday in the White House… and announced Operation Warp Speed is prepared to disperse Pfizer’s vaccine when it receives FDA approval. He is casting delivery will start in April.

Good news, right? Well, POTUS additionally served a side dish petty using the bacterium. He explained NY state won’t be receiving the vaccine since Gov. Andrew Cuomo stated he does not desire it.

Trump was speaking to remarks the Gov. was made about not expecting a vaccine when the Trump administration conducts its acceptance. The Prez is shooting him in his word, and proceeded to split Cuomo because of his COVID-19 reaction at the Empire State.

The great news for NYers is there is still time for the two guys to squash the steak, and Trump did state what can shift if Cuomo calls and inquires to get your vaccine. Translation: Kiss the ring, and then you are going to find the meds.

Nonetheless, the Governor’s Office informs TMZ,”Trump has failed along with his pandemic reply, whined to the Americans how awful it had been when he knew differently & was fired from Republicans due to his incompetence. Governor Cuomo is struggling to make sure the communities hit hardest by COVID receive the vaccine”

Does not seem to be an effort to generate peace.

The wild card, of course, is President-elect Joe Biden, that it seems WILL maintain the Oval Office come April — thus, possibly Cuomo does not find a necessity to bow to Trump.

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While Trump didn’t take some questions from strangers, he’d make 1 mention to the election, stating,”This government Won’t be going into some lockdown. Who knows which government it’ll be… I suppose time will tell”

It is the closest he has come to admitting defeat, but nevertheless… NOT a concession speech.

Initially Released — 1:56 PM PT

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