Prepared Patriotic Voter Claims Her Viral TikTok was Sexy Suggestion for Seniors

Prepared Patriotic Voter Says Her Viral TikTok was Hot Tip for Seniors
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The super-prepared Texas voter who Arrived Armed with her Seat, her Bites along with her”grown People hair” to wait for a long Survey line States her Favorite TikTok was an important PSA.

Belinda Varnado informs TMZ… the intent behind her immediately viral clip was supposed to make certain seniors, such as herself, come ready to create certain they don’t lose out on their chance to vote.

She has seen all of the information about ridiculously long lines for early retirement — where individuals have to wait around for around 15 hours and she understands all that standing does not work for people up old.

Thus, Belinda’s motivating her peers to package the perfect equipment, be ready to hunker down… but remain decided to cast their ballots.

She along with her daughter, Chevelle Brooks, will also be stressing the value of unemployment early — particularly this season — and Belinda is not bashful about her final target either.

BTW, Belinda informs us ended up waiting for around 90 moments to vote at Sugar Land, TX — but just like she explained, there was not so **t was gont stop her!!!

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