Pregnant Naomi Osaka Claims She Knew Baby’s Sex but Cordae “Doesn’t Know”!

Pregnant Naomi Osaka Claims She Knew Baby's Sex but Cordae "Doesn't Know"!

Tennis star Naomi Osaka is expecting her first child.

The 25-year-old tennis star, who is currently expecting her first child, spoke with PEOPLE about her work with Victoria’s Secret at an event in West Hollywood on Tuesday and revealed some details about her pregnancy and birth plans.

Osaka says to PEOPLE, “I’ve been preparing, but he doesn’t know the gender yet, only I know.” She is referring to her partner, Cordae. I can’t expand the space or anything,” he said.

Continuing, Osaka says “Well, I’m not really sure; I’m just going on the fly. That’s become somewhat of a personal slogan of mine.”

Pregnant Naomi Osaka Claims She Knew Baby's Sex but Cordae "Doesn't Know"!

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Osaka has been happy and healthy during her pregnancy, and she has been wearing several of the loose-fitting button-downs she designed for Victoria’s Secret. The collection has robes, rompers, sleep shirts, and shorts in a range of pastel colors, including lavender, pale jade, and subdued pink.

“This has been a staple in my wardrobe, and I wear it practically daily. It’s quite cozy, and for that, I am eternally grateful “she explains that the pieces were her creations and curation.

Pregnant Naomi Osaka Claims She Knew Baby's Sex but Cordae "Doesn't Know"!

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“Button-down shirts, like the one I’m wearing right now, are the best. As a means of unwinding, it works wonderfully. As a nightgown, it’s perfect. You may use it as a shirt when you walk outside, too.”

Osaka is most anticipating two events in the coming year: the arrival of her baby and her comeback to competitive tennis.

What Osaka is most looking forward to becoming a mother is “the obstacles and just learning,” she says.

“There will probably be a lot I don’t understand, but luckily I’m surrounded by some pretty incredible folks who can help me fill in the blanks. It’s just a brand-new adventure.”

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