Post Malone Fiance: The Rapper Plans to Keep Her out Of the Spotlight.

post malone fiance

Post Malone, a musician, has a big announcement to make. According to TMZ, the rapper just welcomed a baby girl and confirmed the news to radio personality, Howard Stern. “I woke up at 2:30 p.m.,” Post explained. “I kissed my baby girl,” she said. “Are you talking about your girlfriend, baby girl?” Stern inquired about the situation. “Or do you have a child?” Post responded, “No, that’s my daughter.”

Stern then inquired if Post has a daughter for the second time, as this was the first time he had heard the news. In regards to not speaking about his child, Post stated, “I want to let her make her own decisions.” Post Malone’s fiancée was then brought up in the chat. After Stern inquired about Post’s personal life with the new baby, Post stated, “She’s my fiancée.”

TMZ reports Post Malone revealed to the outlet in May 2022 that he and his girlfriend were expecting, so he must have gotten engaged recently. The musician also stated that his small family brings him the most joy and that he intends to emphasize his own and his family’s well-being in the future.

Some Admirers Thought He Was Dating South Korean Singer  Malone

post malone fiance

Post Malone’s fiancée, according to fans, is a woman named Jamie. However, allegations circulated that Post was dating another rapper, MLMA.

Notes from the HITC MLMA is a South Korean rapper and fashion designer. Sweetie and You Can’t Kill Me I’m Alive are two of her hit songs. “I did makeup on the cutest face,” MLMA reportedly captioned a photo of herself with Post in the past. Naturally, this prompted romance speculations.

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The post had a semi-public relationship with Ashlen Diaz prior to the MLMA rumors. In 2015, they started dating.

Post Malone has never revealed his now-identity, fiancée’s and her name and age are unknown.

She Is Not in The Spotlight, and The Rapper Plans to Keep Her out Of the Spotlight.


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TMZ said in May that she “hasn’t spent much time in the spotlight” and that the couple has been “developing their relationship” in secret.

It’s unclear how long they’ve been together, but she’s his “longtime” lover and the mother of his new baby, according to numerous publishers.

They most likely reside together in Southern California, as sources close to the couple informed TMZ that they celebrated the birth of their unborn child with a party there.

“I’m eager for this new chapter in my life, I’m the happiest I’ve ever been, and for as long as I can remember, I’ve been unhappy,” Post Malone told TMZ. “I’m excited for this next chapter in my life, I’m the happiest I’ve ever been, and for as long as I can remember, I’ve been sad.”

“It’s time for me to take care of my body, my family, and my friends, and to share as much love as we can every day,” he concluded.

Mlma, He Is Not Dating.

post malone fiance

The rapper was rumored to be dating a musician named MLMA before his current girlfriend, although this was never confirmed.

Many admirers mistake his current partner for the singer, whose name means ‘I Love Me A Lot,’ but the two are not the same.

Post Malone is currently not dating MLMA, a South Korean-born musician, rapper, and fashion designer, and his current girlfriend’s identity is unknown.

On Instagram, MLMA has 1.4 million followers and has uploaded a number of songs, including Sweetie and You Can’t Kill Me I’m Alive.

She also co-founded Skoot Apparel, a streetwear brand that has been worn by a number of celebrities, including Billie Eilish.

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He Is Engaged and The Proud Father of His First Child!

post malone fiance

On June 13th, the actor revealed the happy news in a subtle way during an interview with Howard Stern on his Sirius XM radio show.

The 26-year-old admitted to the host that he “kissed” his “baby girl” before heading to the studio yesterday.

Howard then questioned if he was talking about his girlfriend, to which the musician replied, “That’s my daughter.”

“Has that been on the QT [quiet]?” We had no idea you had a daughter, did we?” The rapper then revealed to the radio host: “I want to give her the freedom to make her own choices.”

Post Malone also disclosed that he and his girlfriend are engaged, correcting Howard Stern by clarifying, “She’s my fiancée.”

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