Popular Streaming Services in The Philippines: Which One Is Right for You?

Popular Streaming Services in The Philippines: Which One Is Right for You?

With the best internet connection, you can make your video streaming experience smooth like butter in the Philippines. Yes, online streaming platforms are now the best option to enjoy different types of content with ease. 

The Philippines is one of these where online streaming services like Netflix, Disney Plus, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and many others are getting a place in the hearts of the people. 

It is not only best for offering content but also offers facilities that make streaming smooth like butter. Have you ever tried to stream Disney Plus Philippines? Stream it and find out how streaming services are getting better day by day. 

Among tons of options, it is still a tough job to choose the right streaming platform in the Philippines. Stay true to us to find the best one. 

The streaming platform is now ruling the world of entertainment. In the Philippines, streaming services have become a hub for watching content. Here is a list of some popular streaming services that you can have in this country. Check them out:


Netflix is one of the most popular streaming platforms, it comes with a wide catalog for users with tons of features. It is also the biggest platform in the Philippines. 

You can enjoy the content of different genres. Netflix is known for K-dramas, anime, Filipino shows, originals, movies, and many more on this platform. Its user-friendly UI makes it easier to stream all these contents.  

To better stream, Netflix comes with different plans (Mobile, Basic, Standard, and Premium) at different prices. All these plans are reasonable starting at ₱149 per month.

Disney Plus

On November 17, Disney Plus was launched in the Philippines with over 1800 movies and 32000 episodes. Disney Plus is an iconic brand for Philippines users. 

You must stream Disney Plus Philippines to enjoy content from some popular brands like Star Wars, Marvel, Pixar Disney, National Geographic, and Stars. 

There is no place like Disney Plus that can keep your childhood memory fresh with your favorite shows. It lets you create 7 different personal profiles. To watch content offline, Disney Plus also offers an offline download option. 


Many Philippines stream HBO GO because it offers a lot of value to them. As one of the best accessible online streaming platforms, HBO GO comes with its original content, and updated and new movies. 

On top of that, they are increasing the number of originals and keeping us entertained in every way. HBO GO also streams all the movies of Warner Brothers. 

All of them you can get for only ₱199 per month. It offers a three-month plan as well to minimize the price. It only cost ₱399. That means you need to pay only ₱133 per month.

Amazon Prime

Among Many streaming options, Amazon Prime draws our attention because of its content catalog and plan with a reasonable price range. Its service starts from ₱149 per month. 

Users stream content from this platform for its UI as well. It is very user-friendly to access for different types of devices. 

To enjoy Amazon’s original content, and some most popular shows and movies, Amazon Prime is the best platform you can have in the Philippines. 

It lets you stream tons of originals, older titles, and Philippine movies. All these things can make your content streaming experience better in this country. 

Lionsgate Play

Lionsgate Play is a relatively new streaming platform in the Philippines. It comes with lots of promises for us after signing a partnership deal with PLDT home. Now, tons of exciting content for streaming is available for us in this country. 

It owns some of the biggest properties in Hollywood. That means, we can enjoy more content like hunger games, John Wick, Saw, Twilight Saga, and many more. 

Lionsgate Play comes with several interesting titles that are not available on other streaming platforms. If you have PLDT Home Fiber plans 1699 then, Streaming Lionsgate Play is free for you in the Philippines. 

Discovery Plus

To enjoy a variety of content in the Philippines, Discovery Plus is here. It does not limit service or content in this country. You have a world of content in Discovery Plus. 

Enjoy the shows from Discovery Channel, HGTV, Food Network, Asian Food Network, BBC, TLC, History Channel, Anime-Planet, and more on this platform. 

Discovery Plus is also getting popular in this country as an alternative to Cable TV. Its subscription is far better than another streaming platform. 

All the TV shows and movies are covering a variety of areas. It is possible to enjoy shows of different genres like science, technology, animals, nature, travel, food, and cooking. 

Don’t forget to stream their documentaries and Discovery Originals. They are the best content on this platform. All you need to get a subscription to Discovery Plus that starts at ₱129 per month.


In 2022, consumers of the Philippines streaming service have a broad selection of choices. Now, the list of streaming services in this country is getting bigger. Not all streaming services are suitable for you. 

There are some limitations and some opportunities for every streaming platform like Netflix, Disney Plus, etc. In this race, only a few can ensure user satisfaction with the content library and other facilities. This guideline will help you to pick which streaming service is best for you right now. 

Based on the content, availability, streaming devices, and price, you need to find which one best fits your needs. Just pick the best one and enjoy streaming in the Philippines.