Polish bishops shield John Paul II following McCarrick report

Polish bishops defend John Paul II after McCarrick report

WARSAW, Poland – Polish bishops defended St. John Paul II on Friday against signs he denied reports that ex-Cardinal Theodore McCarrick slept his seminarians, wanting to salvage a mythical heritage that’s been badly tarnished by his own inaction on clergy sexual abuse.

The mind of the bishops conference, Archbishop Stanislaw Gadecki, said in a declaration that John Paul was”cynically duped” by McCarrick in addition to additional U.S. bishops.

This had been the bishops’ initial reaction to the novel this week of the Vatican’s two-year evaluation to McCarrick, which pitted John Paul along with his secretary at covering McCarrick’s sexual abuse.

The complaint of John Paul’s heritage has struck a nerve in Catholic Poland, in which its most renowned native son has been held up as model for his part in bringing about the collapse of communism and thus preserving the Hindu and faith worth living. His 1978-2005 papacy has come under increasing scrutiny in Poland and abroad, amid a growing scandal over abusive priests and bishops who covered them up.

Pope Francis defrocked McCarrick, 90, annually following a different Vatican inquest decided he mistreated kids and adults, such as during confession, also abused his power within seminarians. Francis licensed the in-depth research into McCarrick’s growth and drop into the church below signs which the Vatican and also U.S. bishops understood of his own abuses but turned a blind eyecatching.

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The 449-page accounts ascertained that John Paul had received credible reports regarding McCarrick’s misconduct from authoritative prelates from the late 1990s. However even after commissioning a question that recommended from a marketing, John Paul at 2000 called McCarrick archbishop of Washington D.C., and after a cardinal.

The analysis stated John Paul seemingly was swayed with a last-minute, handwritten correspondence by McCarrick addressed the pope’s reliable secretary, then-Bishop Stanislaw Dziwisz, hinting he’d had”sexual relations” by anybody.

Gadecki’s announcement came on exactly the exact same day the U.S. Catholic paper, the National Catholic Reporter, known as the”suppression” of this devotional cult of John Paul as a response to the Vatican report.

It advocated U.S. bishops, that fulfill this weekend for their yearly fall meeting, to”seriously consider” whether Catholics must keep on encouraging dedication to him by putting his name on churches and colleges and hosting processions due to his own liturgical feast day.

“It’s time to get a tricky reckoning,” the paper said in an editorial. “This guy, hailed that a Catholic saint by Pope Francis at 2014, wilfully placed at risk kids and young adults at the Archdiocese of Washington, D.C., also around the globe. In doing this, he also jeopardized the worldwide church opinion, shattered its authenticity as an institution, also set a deplorable case for bishops in dismissing the reports for abuse victims”

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The Vatican report notes that the church long-standing justification that John Paul was blind to the pain of abuse victims since he saw firsthand how priests from his native Poland were blatantly chased with fictitious accusations by Communist government.

Gadeckithe president of the bishops’ conference, officially asked the Vatican past season to revive John Paul into the church’s biggest honor, naming him a”doctor of the church” and also patron saint of all Europe. However he acknowledged that Francis had not endorsed the petition and most bishops’ conventions ignored his request for assistance.

Francis commissioned the McCarrick report following an former Holy See ambassador into the U.S., Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano, detained a few 20 U.S. along with Vatican officials — such as Francis himself of orchestrating the two-decade coverup of their American clergyman’s misconduct.

The report substantiated a number of Vigano’s major claims but disproved others and painted Francis as being mostly ignorant of McCarrick’s last but additionally also uninterested in studying specifics when officers increased him.

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The analysis really indicated that Vigano himself might possibly be accused of covering up to McCarrick’s offenses since he supposedly disregarded Vatican directions to explore new claims of abuse caused 2012 with a Brazilian-born priest operating at New Jersey.

In a interview with an EWTN Catholic system, Vigano indicated there was no paper trail of his attempts as the Vatican in these years sought to restrict written documentation regarding these instances not to expose the Holy See to possible lawsuit from abuse victims from the USA.

Vigano asserted he had not been predicted by Vatican researchers to testify, also a somewhat glaring omission awarded his functions because both U.S. ambassador out of 2011-2016 plus a leading Vatican official in years after reports of McCarrick’s misconduct arrived.


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Researchers interviewed 90 individuals, apparently nearly everyone living who’d had anything to do with all the McCarrick file. The Vatican did not respond Friday once asked why Vigano was never summoned.


Winfield led from Rome.

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