Police chiefs call for decriminalization of personal Medication Usage


Jim Bronskill, The Canadian Press Released Thursday, July 9, Respectively 2020 4:29PM EDT Last Updated Thursday, July 9, 2020 6:45PM EDT

OTTAWA – Canada’s police chiefs are calling for decriminalization of personal Ownership of Illegal drugs Because the best way to Combat substance abuse and Dependence.

The Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police is suggesting enhanced accessibility to healthcare, therapy and social solutions to divert people from the criminal justice program.

This could apply to individuals owning a small quantity of illegal drugs for personal consumption.

Even the Trudeau government has legalized recreational use of marijuana with the aim of keeping weed from the control of young people and denying gains to organized offenders.

Canada continues to grapple with all the fentanyl crisis along with a poisoned medication supply that’s devastated communities and obtained thousands of lives,” stated Chief Const. Adam Palmer of Vancouver, the institution president.

“We suggest that authorities for ownership give way to a incorporated health-focused approach which needs partnerships between authorities, healthcare and all levels of government”

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Even the chiefs say positivity could enhance the wellbeing and safety effects for drug users while reducing property crime, repeat offences along with also the need for drugs within communities.

They advocate development of a federal task force to investigate policy policy reform, especially considering section 4(1) of the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act, covering possession.

The office of Health Minister Patty Hajdu didn’t react to your request for comment.

judicial and Enforcement efforts have to continue to function trafficking and the illegal manufacturing and importation of medication to ward off the source of damaging substances forthcoming communities, even the chiefs state.

However, the conventional function of frontline policing has basically changed to injury loss when interacting with individuals experiencing dependence or mental-health issues, Palmer said in an announcement.

“Often, our officials will be the point of contact and also the people who will help individuals in obtaining appropriate services and pathways of care.”

The chiefs’ recommendations flow from the findings of a special committee to examine the decriminalization of illegal drugs and its effect on public security.

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“We have to embrace new and advanced approaches if we’re likely to interrupt the present tendency of drug overdoses affecting communities throughout Canada,” the committee says.

“Only annoys people for easy possession of illegal drugs has been demonstrated to be unsuccessful. Research from different nations who have chosen to have a wellness instead of an enforcement-based strategy to problematic drug use have shown positive outcomes.”

This report from The Canadian Press was published July 9, 2020.

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