Point Blank from Netflix is a pointless movie with two Marvel actors

Point Blank on Netflix

Point Blank on Netflix

Netflix Original movie Point Blank is the remake of a French film which came into being in the year 2010. The original French movie and the Hollywood Netflix remake share the same name. The new movie from Netflix stars Anthony Mackie as the lead role. Mackie is famous for portraying Sam Wilson aka Falcon in the MCU. Moreover, the film also features another MCU star Frank Grillo, who was Crossbones and Brock Rumlow.

The movie also features popular actors such as Teyonah Parris, Marcia Gay Harden, among others. Given that the film features an action-thriller setting and comes with numerous cliffhangers audience didn’t like the movie. Even the plotline of the movie is not up to the mark.

Is the movie any good?

Given that the director has put a lot of significant parts in the movie, yet it is not very thrilling. Usually, the films that release on the streaming giant, Netflix, often become an overnight success. However, Point Blank isn’t one of those movies. Point Blank comprises roaring action routine, and the plot is a little fast. By the looks of it, the plot is all the more reason why the story seems a little pointless.

Experts and critics are calling the movie as the mediocre remake of the French film. On the other hand, Point Blank’s action sequences are inspired by the movies of the past.

Point Blank is a typical Hollywood action movie with a weak story

Point Blank comprises all the elements that are an integral part of action movies, such as fight scenes, car chases. Moreover, the film also involved cops who fight with the lead actors. However, none of the scenes did remote justice to the performance that these actors could put into their work.

Long story short, the movie was entertaining; however, there were a few cons that ultimately led the film down. Point Blank is an average movie that comprises of a significant amount of missteps.

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